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Du2ce was born in 1987. He grew up in a middle class home in Pomona, Where he was first introduced to hip-hop. In his first year of High School, he took a beat making class just so he could fill up his class requirements but who knew that would just be the start of his rapping career. As he began to fall in love in how to make music he met someone that really believed in his talent which is know his manager (Manzell Baskerville). By the time that he was a senior in High School he had already began to get a fan-base and also a lot of people had faith in him, By the time he got out of High School he was already getting off on the good foot, He had already did about ten show's from a Pomona Increase the peace show, a Rialto talent show that was given for the community which he placed 2nd in, And also did show's for schools. In his first year out of high school Du2ce got straight to work and worked long hard hour's from Arby's to fed-ex just so he can have money to go to the studio, And in about three month's he had completed his first cd, "The Point Of No Return". Du2ce was so happy to have his cd done that when he got the copy's back on the day before New Years 2007 he decided to drive out to vegas with a couple of his friend's to sell his new cd, But there was a catch no one had money, They had no hotel room, And they barley had enough gas to get out there. Du2ce so hyped up he dident even worry about that he went straight home and packed a bag with a couple outfits and food from his house and by 3am that night they were on there way. They got there early that mourning and had to sleep in the car, But by 7pm that day they had made well over $300 and reached there goal and would've stayed longer but the weather was to cold, So as you can tell there is nothing that can, or will stop him as long as he remains focus.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do alot of performances whenever and where ever i can so if anyone wants a show they can always get one from me for a low price.
Your musical influences
The new hottest young cat out thats not in the major rap game yet. Its most def. my own swag to it. Bottom line HOTT!!!
What equipment do you use?
the x6, Reasons, Pro Tools. Those are all my fav.
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