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Ladies and Gentlemen!
We hope that the World is ready for what we have to show..
Just damn tired of so called pop idols and fake-wanna-be-rock-stars that can't hold a note or even write their own songs? Look no further! The four rock n' roll drifters in Cirkus have got what you need, like a cocktail shot in the arm of Red Bull & Vodka mixed with Jack Daniels. Theyve got the style and an attitude than doesnt give a fuck, the way rock n roll was meant to be. Cirkus was formed back in early 2005 when guitarist Snetan met the singer Rouxd. They quickly joined forces with the help of a groovy little bass player named Dee. The well oiled and fast working machine recorded the mini EP/promo "Let the Madness Begin", which was printed up in August 2005. But they knew something was missing until they heard about a bad ass cowboy called Ric who took over the drumming and became Rouxds personal groove bitch. This is the line up that makes Cirkus bleed, scream and have wet dreams. In July 2006 Cirkus went back into the studio to record their slap you in your face "Shut Up N Suck". Their second mini EP/promo was recorded with the well known producer Erik Lidbom of Hitfire Productions. Shut Up N Suck has been getting great reviews from famous rock magazines such as Sweden Rock Magazine, Close-up Magazine and different papers around the world. In January-February 2007 the band completed their first tour in California. The tour consisted of 16 shows in less then a month. During the successful tour, Cirkus became the first band to be broadcasted live on Youtube via the420channel. They also recorded a promo video for their song Staring at the Sun with the filmmaker Darryl Hardin. The Swedish based group is highly fuelled on energy and Jack Daniels and they always give their fans more than a 100 percent on stage, basically an amazing show that you will never forget. Tight, well performed and as they say under the big top; Welcome to the show!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes/everywhere/ hell yeah
Your musical influences
80's classic rock like Van Halen, Mötley Crüe etc.