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Karen lorraine
Karen lorraine
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I Can't Go On
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I Need This Love
Peak in sub-genre #23
God's Bright Shining Star
Peak in sub-genre #32
I was a little bent (song)
Peak in sub-genre #93
To love you
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I happen to write songs. I'm hoping to find recognition over my work. & I'm trying to raise awareness towards Medical malpractice along with Endometriosis (Endo) & Abuse. On my myspace site has alot of the information through the contacts of these foundations. Along with diabeties foundations that has also been a horrible disease in my family.
Band/artist history
I've sung at Tulsa city limits when they were open here in oklahoma. Where alot of artist performed. Brooks & dunn made one of their videos there-Boot scootin Boogie. I performed at a pagent & church my dad is a preacher. & funerals from time to time. My mother happen to meet Hank williams Jr. I went to school with wade hayes guitarist Rick Taylor. I grew up in okemah oklahoma where woody guthrie was orginally from. My cousin happens to sing & her songs have been placed on movies. You can find her on my myspace site: Jamie Coon she happens to sing beautifully.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I used to perform before my illness (Endo) struck.
Your musical influences
My first influence would have to be God giving me gifts to share with others. I was told I've sounded like lorrie morgan-martina mcbride-crystal gayle & olivia newton john. When I go to sing. & I've been told when I go to talk I sound like lorreta lynn. I'm not sure I just think I sound like me. But I think all these ones are extremely talented. Including God & his work!!!!
What equipment do you use?
I play alittle bit of piano. But I'm not very talented in that department. I wished I would've learn to play some kind of equipment to go along with my writing. But growing up it wasn't recommended as it is today. Becoming an artist this being really important learning an instrument to play!
Anything else?
I'm hoping the music I write can at least help others on their talent of singing & performing. Because I know what it's like to have one but not the other. Can sing but cant play a guitar. Can play an instrument but cant sing. & me dealing with my health issues makes that even more harder. So I hope I can at least give someone a break from wondering how they are gonna perform. To showing others their talent. So they can focuse on what they are more talented in maybe their singing!!
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