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Factory/Industrial Mechanical Atmospheres. Darkness and Horror. The Abnormal.. Abominable Illusions. Inhumane Sickness and Strange Places. I create the atmosphe
UPDATE-001. TIME: 2011: Back here, forgot that I even had a domant account here since the dawn of time, however; New name as of 2009, MindWiper, replacing my old name "Xerum", taking me and you into another dimension of dark and violent sound. I will upload the new waves soon. My old and rather simple tune "Disease and Disorder" will remain here as a sentimental reminder of my progress since then. Now check out my myspace, url: wiperindustrial, for my new material. LINK: TAKE CARE, STAY DARK. /MindWiper/2011. -End of UPDATE-001 _________________________________________________________________________ Influences: Factory/Industrial Mechanical Atmospheres. Darkness and Horror. The Abnormal. Alien Worlds. Abominable Illusions. Both Humane and Inhumane Sickness. Strange Places. I create the atmosphere of darkness and the unknown, different dimensions, presented through audiowaves. The mental sickness of the creative human psyche will always be a good influence in production. I will get into your mind. //MindWiper
Band/artist history
My audiowaves originate from the Zeta-Reticuli cluster, very far from here, very far from earth... Far from you.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Sci-fi, fantasy, dark video games and movies, space, dark music and loads of EBM and Sub/Underground genres from the Techno areas. Dark And Cybernetic/Robotnic Factory atmospheres. Horror and Bizzare things. I'd like to call my genre Dark Tech/Horror/Psy Tech. Or simply "Alien Factory sound".
What equipment do you use?
My hands, And my Dark mind of course..
Anything else?
No, well... Prepare for invasion.