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Hot Majic
Hot Majic
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Group of people young, (12 year old majic,) to rap hard but fast and slow and singy beats and raps.
A little kid rapper and his friends on a mission to produce sick rhymes and beats for the public ears. Majic gathering all his local friends in his neighborhood,school, anything to make music. Including Nyanc, Czheck, Kyle Johnson, T-Hizze, riot maker, and the star, Majic
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not much but his dad who features in his songs has a band where they preform classic artist work and mr majic raps his made up song on the instrumental of bust a move
Your musical influences
Rob Base,Bowow,T-Pain, hard fast raps, and slow sing raps.
What equipment do you use?
Cool edit pro 2.1 and a radioshack mike and sometimes external speakers.
Anything else?
Again we need record labels, beatmakers,partner rappers, singers, lyric writers, Anybody with any musical skill or hobby Anthing we are small and need to expand. If you play an instrument, rap, sing, make beats, lyrics, or need a place we got you right here always want to expand. Just send an Email to Marcusj724@verizon.net with whatever your doing and send us your lyrics, rap, beat, whatever we'll find a spot for u in our songs.