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Martin Brown
Martin Brown
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Soloist, singer-songwriter, guitar-based pop/rock.
MARTIN BROWN UK-based Songwriter and guitarist / multi-instrumentalist has been building a reputation based on his two solo albums 'Where Have I Been All Your Life?' and 'Butterflies' both available via CDBaby. Martin writes plays sings and records all of his work at home. Dont let this put you off! 'Jefitoblog.com', influential review site recently dubbed Martin 'an unsigned gem'.
Band/artist history
I have been playing and writing songs since I was 9. I played in various bands for years and also maintained an 'alter ego' solo life. In the end I got tired of gigs and cover bands and decided to strike out on my own. The rest will be history one day!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I like playing live when it's going well..I have had some funny moments at gigs and this is a fave: I was being pestered by someone to play 'a request' all the way thru performing a song. It was maddening. I eventually finished the song and asked the guy what he wanted to hear. 'Oh, anything', he replied and wandered away into the crowd!
Your musical influences
Beatles, XTC, Crowded House, Brian Wilson, Steely Dan, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars - Strat, Yamaha MSG, Marshall combo MG50. Bass is an Overwater 'C' fretless, 2 acoustics one a Yamaha steel the other a nylon string I have had since I was 11. VS 880 as mixer into PC running Cubase.
Anything else?
Black is so slimming. Oh - I have had songs recorded by Bonnie Tyler, Sam Brown and the Rattlers, co-writes with Russ Ballard and Ed Poole.
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