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Highlandas - Rap Producing team - South Hampton, NH, Amesbury, MA and South Bend, IN - Hot Beats from Rob Highland and Capital-J
We are the Highlandas, Rap Producers. We have two outposts: We have producers in South Bend, Indiana, and in the home base on Highland Road @ South Hampton, New Hampshire. A 3 man group: Rob Highland - Executive Producer Capital J - Producer C-Shell - Producer/Street Team Coordinator
Band/artist history
2006 Band formed. Rob Highland (Then DJ Drive-By) was initially a rapper/producer, then chose to focus only on producing. RH's raps were unpublicized (which was his decision) but have become underground favorites. Later in 2006, C-Shell would produce one beat, which has been his only project. Capital J was quick to catch on with consultation from Rob Highland, and has been producing a steady stream of beats since, as has RH. 2007 Capital J released a track in which he rapped, which recieved mixed reviews, and was logged with Rob Highland's raps in the "mixtape folders". As a group, the Highlandas have come to agree that their rapping skills were not their strengths, and have since been almost entirely focused on producing. Consequently, the Highlandas' beats have reached new peaks of excellence in 2007. In late August Rob Highland left Highland Road to pursue a college career. This established a dual-city empire that the Highlandas found themselves leading; with the stronghold of South Hampton and the outpost of South Bend. With Rob Highland's absence drama quickly unfolded, and police confrontations resulting from Highlanda videos caused tension along Highland Road. In response, Rob Highland appointed Barry Short to the Highlandas Street Team or HST. Currently the HST is run by C-Shell and Mr. Short. Beneath them are a group up loose affiliates that take actions to preserve the Highlandas' legacy in both New Hampshire and Massachussetts. These affiliates include Supa Bole, T-Roy, BZ, Fresh Ace, Mazz Baz and others. In late October 2007, Rob Highland returned to Highland Road for 4th quarter meetings. The main point of discussion was the Highlanda Street Team.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We might play live in the future. Right now it is for fun. Anytime you can get us to perform it is something special
Your musical influences
Highlandas! Dr. Dre, EPMD, Cypress Hill, 50 Cent, Many others. Each one of us influence each other.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 7, Cool Edit Pro 2, Mics/Keyboard
Anything else?
Currently the Highlandas are interested in collaborating with rappers from both South Bend and Amesbury. If you are or know a rapper who might be interested, contact us through this page, or our music MySpace, "Highlandas".
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