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I flow for fun! I show my hidden messages of my life and the results of street wisdom. The struggle is real...My flows are unorthodox. Enjoy... I've been free-
Life's Rough Freestyle
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My Shining
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Paper Razor
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0 to 1
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Turn The Fuck Up
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I am a one man army! I am original...Unorthodox and skilled...My weapons are my lyrics and words. I have fun free-styling, I am not the best at what I do but I will continue to keep practicing and recording! My mind is a library. My mind is a ticking time bomb...it's so insane how I pull words off the top of my brain! They call me Z... It's short for Z professer not a professor! As in one that profess's. I profess god! I am not perfect. I found out my skill by accident. I been free-stylin for about 17 yrs now... I mostly just do it to relieve some stress I kick back, smoke and flow. I just really enjoy a beat with words of my life and how I feel...So sit back a chair, twist a blunt up and turn up your volume! Get ready to hear a whole new style that you never could compare. This shit is 1st edition rare!
Band/artist history
Started Free-styling when I was 14, I enjoyed the feeling of my adrenaline rush when I started attacking the beat! I would have cypher's with friends and spent a lot of time battling at Job Corps... I would smoke blunts and search for instrumentals. I had 2 notebooks of material and then I put down the pen for awhile and stuck to rapping at the top of my brain. I started to expand my work after my first album, Bazement Cutz. I even recorded with live instruments even though it was such a challenge. I kept moving forward and i'm not stopping anytime soon. I love the microphone and when I start to feel out to the beat, my mind releases the lyrics. I am working on new album's and will have CD's available in the near future, so stay tuned! Hater's are my Motivator's! Peep my #barzfordayz track 7 freestyles! One for each day of the week...Coming from Massachusetts right from underground freestyling! Attackin like an assassin.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live! In Bishop's Lounge Northampton M.A, and at Holyoke Waterfront in M.A, for 413 rap battle league tryout! I loved it, I just need to work on focusing and remembering my lyrics! Performed multiple times at festivals. I performed at club Vine in CT. I also performed at a few dive bars in RI
Your musical influences
Well I would have to say Violent J and Shaggy 2 dope, The story of how they came to be really inspired me, it was amazing that the truth behind there music is they follow god. I love Tech 9, Twiztid, KMK, SPM,Nas,BIGGIE, Run DMC, Necro, Prozak, Ritz, Big Hoodoo, Sublime, Incubus, Staind, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd,Nirvana, 2 pac, Snoop dogg, Master P, Cash Money records...and so many more!
What equipment do you use?
It's a secret. I learned some tricks and tips through other artist's including the software to use.
Anything else?
I am on instagram, twitter,soundcloud,youtube and reverbnation I Also explore abandon buildings and Insane Asylums Urban Exploration My web site is Http://www.angelfire.com/creep/liverr14 Go check it out! "Stay Blazed" "Only the strong survive, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" "Fuck the police"
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