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Various sounds arranged in a form that sounds nice. You've heard it all before but now it's loud and angry.
HumanError is my response to indie music scene. I make my music out of anything and everything. If the sound of a dog being hit by a bus for example has a nice ring to it I'll record it and make a beat out of it. I'm always looking for feedback and I'm always wanting to improve my music. At the moment I have no intention of selling my music as it's made almost entirely of samples for which I have no licence to use. Right now I just hope to get some interest in what I'm doing; trying to get my music played around Leeds and on the interslice. There's no real purpose to HumanError except simple audio entertainment. My personal views of society may come across in the band art or samples, but without vocals, there isn't much I can say.
Band/artist history
HumanError was aborted from the womb of mankinds stupidy in 2005. Since then it's been crawling back to where it was created. Very noisily.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The closest I've got is playing my music from the DJ booth of a local club during a gig. It sounded awesome through huge speakers and it got people dancing so I'm pleased with that. It's been suggested I work out some kind of stage show to get myself and my music promoted better but I have no ideas yet.
Your musical influences
My main influences have been KiEw, Velvet Acid Christ, Skinny puppy and to a lesser extent Ministry and Wumpscut. I get inspiration from many other bands, but these aren't my only influence. I get influence from everything audible; computer game sounds, film monologues, smashing glass, microwave beeps... Anything.
What equipment do you use?
My PC, a shitty mp3 player to record stuff, Audacity to edit stuff, FLStudio to arrange loops and Dance Ejay 6 to arrange the songs. I don't have need for any fancy programs; the sounds I use work for themselves.
Anything else?
Listen to my tracks and tell me what you think. I always want feedback.
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