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middletown, NJ  USA
April 28, 2007
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Starr Media Group (S.M.G) is much more than a record label. We are a creation 20 years in the making. Created by Ron "Ronnie Knottz" Clark and Andre" Dre Deniro" Davis. S.M.G. is the place where a talented artist, be it an emcee, singer, producer or model, can be given the special attention which actually makes them a star. By utilizing already established industry relationships and capitalizing on our "sleep when you die" work ethic, we at S.M.G. are proud of the fact "We Build Stars". At a point in music history when the future of Hip-Hop seems bleek. Starr Media Group has chosen to take it upon themselves to guide the industry back to a time when Hip-Hop and R&B was actually about the music. Working closely with the artists and the producers in an Artist Development role has proven to be very important in the growth of our artists and for the company as a whole. We feel that the music industry has strayed away from those basic elements that are necessary to develop an artist with raw talent and groom them into the Star they are destined to become. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel we are just revisiting the corporate tactics and shrewd business decisions made by the Pioneers of Hip-Hop as a business. We at Starr Media Group realize that " you must know where you came from in order to get to where your going." That's why we found it imperative to follow and study the business dynamics of some of the greatest corporate minds of our lifetime. We are modeling the development of our label after such greats as Mr. Simmons, Mr. Combs, Mr. Harrell, Mr. Liles, Mr. DuPree to name a few. Starr Media Group has accepted the daunting task of building a label from the ground up. In addition to being established in the United States, S.M.G has also launched its international offices in Perth Australia, headed by Brad "Smallz" ( mixclik.com). With his "don't underestimate me" attitude, Brad is more than prepared to bring that fire to the European market. S.M.G. has released their freshman and sophomore C.D.s hosted by StreetSweepers own Dj. Radio "Mr. Sold out". These releases (The City of Stars and The Cookout) from S.M.G. are a collaboration of all artists on the label. They are available on I-Tunes, Rhapsody, E-Music, Napster, Sno-Cap, Beatport and also can be purchased in select retail outlets or ordered via the label. These two efforts by the label have been well received by the dj's (who without them there would be no us) and the listening public alike. These releases featured the entire S.M.G. artist roster which includes eighteen year old Joe Clark an emcee from Maryland by way of Oxnard Ca. Joe is lyrically dangerous with his west coast swagger and East Coast lyrical venom. Joe Clark is what the new industry has been waiting for a student of hip hop that can incorporate the fact that he is a mere eighteen year old but spits with the maturity of one who has been in the game for many years. Joe Clark has been chosen to be featured in All Hip Hop.com's The Breeding Ground' section coming soon. Rita Tyler, an R&B singer /songwriter with an angelic voice is a young woman with an old soul who has fresh new ideas which will bring R&B back to what the originators had intended. Rita has already caught the attention of many industry heavyweights with her singing and songwriting ability. Rita has been nominated for an Underground Music Award and asked to sing back up for two major labels. C-Gutta has always had music in his veins and is now starting to get the due acknowledgement for his efforts being labeled one of the recognizable hookwriters next to 50 cent by one of the premier management companies in Hip-Hop. OxPro will be causing the industry some problems claiming the title "The White M.J. from N.J." This twenty year old emcee has the voice, the lyrics and the pedigree to lyrically dismember any competitor who might underestimate his abilities. Synatra will be sure to grab the attention of the ladies and make the fellas get their swagger game tight. He has come onto the scene with a bang. Already the industry is touting him as displaying the most thought provoking, swagger intense lyrics that they have heard in a long time. Together or solo these young men and woman approach each project with an intensity that has not been displayed in a very long time. Always thinking of new ideas and always mastering their craft, they are always looking to provide a new approach to their musical arsenal. S.M.G.'s production team is the (Rocwilders) Roc battle winners "The Presidentz" (Matt Heist, Gutta Rock and Trillagy formerly of Triple Prez). These producers are a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. If your looking for some of the hottest music today look no further, the Presidentz are here to provide you with that Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggaeton hit that you need. The engineering arm of S.M.G. belongs to Evan Scott Smith who has worked with the who's who of the industry (Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, 50 cent and many more). When we set out to start this label, our intention was to surround ourselves with the most talented individuals. At Starr Media Group we realize it isn't only the artist who has to be talented. We also know those who advise, support and develop their careers must also have talent in order for the project to be successful. That's why we are proud to announce the newest addition to the SMG family - Ms. Mercedes Streets. Mercedes has taken on the responsibility of becoming Starr Media Group's President of Marketing and Promotions. She brings to the organization 10 years of industry experience. Mercedes is also the co-founder of Ozone Magazine, the Director of Promotions for The CORE DJ's as well as owner of Strictly Streets Marketing. She specializes in breaking records, creating marketing plans, planning promotional tours and hiring and facilitating "street teams". She has a network of "street teams" throughout the country. She is currently the representative for Interscope South, Frontline Promotions, and Poe Boy Entertainment. Mercedes brings to our organization a very strong work ethic and industry knowledge which we believe will assist SMG with elevation to the next level. To ensure a successful venture in this marketplace, SMG proudly presents the inception of the Starr Modeling Group. The SMG models are currently showcased in the music videos shown on major music video channels throughout the world. They have also been placed in some of the popular Hip-Hop magazines currently in circulation. While working with DJ Radio so closely over the past year, Starr Media Group and the young "StreetSweeper" have decided to expand on their relationship. They will now collaborate on many more projects in the future which will include DJ Radio performing A & R responsibilities for the company. In order to alert the public of the exciting events and opportunities involving Starr Media Group we have enlisted the services of BRASH Publicists. BRASH will be handling all media notices and press releases for all aspects of Starr Media Group. S.M.G. will prove to be what the game has been missing, so we suggest you stay tuned for what we have in store for the world.
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