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Tracing Shadows
Tracing Shadows
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History of having too much time on my hands. Wish I had a full band to transpose this stuff. I suck with real instruments, so I generally rely on synthetic st
Mostly just me. I've been in numerous projects/bands over the years, all based in or around Cedar Rapids, IA, such as STIFLE, Vent, Three Degrees East, and Two Fifths/Relapse (Acoustic Duo). Finding and keeping a full band has always been a dream/goal, but is apparently much more difficult than it should be. I use whatever media at my disposal to "create" backing music for my vocal structures and yes, I do write plenty of my own lyrics. As a kid I'd always sing in the shower and try to memorize as many songs I heard on the radio as I could lol Guess it's just always been in me. I've always strived to be better, and have better equipment to work with, but that's also been a bit taxing.
Band/artist history
(see above)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, lots. Biggest crowd was probably around 500 or so people (impressive to some, not so much to others lol). That was opening for a national act called Midnight To Twelve (now dismembered). They had actually asked for us a few more times as they came through our area to open for them, and we (Stifle) were very blessed and grateful for the opportunity. That particular night was definitely the most fulfilling; the crowd energy was amazing and everything felt explosive with power. Such a rush.
Your musical influences
Alice In Chains, STP, Sevendust, Dry Kill Logic, Disturbed, Earshot, Seether, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, and many of the super talented unsigned bands I've found online. including this very site!
What equipment do you use?
E835 Sennheiser Condenser Microphone, FocusRite Scarlett 2i2 mixer, Audacity for recording (yes, i know there's better out there but i'm broke af), MTV Music Generator (PSX), keyboards on occasion, even a lil snare tambourine here & there (i can't full-on drum but I can percuss like a mofo lol)
Anything else?
What else do you wanna know? I'm a weirdo by nature. An outcast that never fits in or belongs anywhere. Music is the only other outlet for me, aside from art.
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