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killa rhymzz
i dont need to describe my band ,, mah first record is gonna do it for me
1 songs
143 plays
AM to the PM
Started when i got to know ,, life's nothing but shit.. But we as Rappers have a responsibility to beat this shit out and prove to be an example to all the young kids,, and let them know that hope never dies.
Band/artist history
Band history huh,, you dont wanna know about it
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes ,, i do Rap in a few clubs and hell yeah i like it cuz thats what killa rhymzz is all about !!
Your musical influences
Great sufferers like 2pac n biggie,, when i look at their lives i just sit n feel so bad and sometimes think our lives are much better than those great people,, who have been livin in the valley of death..
What equipment do you use?
thatssss really confidential,, well i got my own home studio and i got a hell lot of equipments which u've never even heard of..
Anything else?
mmm yeh ,, i just wanna say to all the people in this industry ,, dun cuss and if you do ,, keep it real..