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I am a new media, multimedia artist. I do free improv and compose using various computer software going where music idea takes me with no specific genre in mind
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210113 duet
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210111 analog dreams
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About the Music This original music was recorded in my home studio on a Kawai grand piano or my two keyboards. The music evolves from the first notes I play on the piano. Like a conversation with the piano, I listen and something new is suggested. Sometimes the piece is built on specific chord changes like a jazz musician improvising. But most of time I spontaneously compose the piece based on motifs I invent and chord sequences I spontaneously create. Each time I attempt to do something a little different from the last time. Like speaking with a friend, nothing is pre-planned but evolves through careful listening. Over time I have developed a specific music vocabulary and grammar that has become my piano signature. More recently I have been creating with software instruments, sometimes using chance like John Cage, and then rearranging the music as I do with my abstract paintings. At other times I break up the improvisation and edit it in various ways, often altering the original piece greatly using Logic and Sonar software. I call these free improv creations. I begin by improvising on two keyboards simultaneously. Then with the raw data recorded by midi on Logic software, I break up the piece into sections, A,B,C, etc. Next I correct errors, change the timing, eliminate parts that dont work, and craft the sections together, repeating and/or changing sections. I take the initial two keyboard inputs, and multiply the lines into other software instruments. I then rearrange the music like I do with an abstract painting all the time listening to what works and what does not. I use a software orchestra of various sound waves, filters, distortions, reverbs. Then I mix it all together, bounce the piece down and upload it to http://www.soundclick.com/jgyoungmd or use in a video I create using Final Cut Pro that I upload to http://www.youtube.com/jgyoungmd This free improv musical diary is coded by year, month, day, songs on that day eg. 111202 b. By going to the upper right hand corner, you can listen to well over 480 original pieces of the music on Sound Click. I randomize the listings periodically to make listening more interesting over time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, since I do everything, it is too complicated to set it all up before a performance.
Your musical influences
I am impressed by the original improvisations of Keith Jarrett
Anything else?
John G. Young, M.D., President of Adventures in Creativity, has retired from the practice of psychiatry. He continues as a professional speaker and consultant on creativity, innovation and change. With a long interest in the cognitive and emotional factors of creativity and wellness, he now creates full-time and coaches others to be more creative. Dr. Young is a multimedia and new media artist, painter, photographer, video creator/producer, writer, poet and musician. See his other multimedia works at www.jgyoungmd.net.
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