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MafiOSo Reborn
MafiOSo Reborn
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* Sup yall? I got some things to take care of so I'll be back in a while...in the meantime plz tell your friends about the music!!!! show some love!!! http://www.myspace.com/mafiosoreborn uno Soy Tu MafiOSo
Band/artist history
In a city that pays little attention to its native talent lies one of the greatest in unsigned hype: MafiOSo. The name is a representation of his mixed Italian and Latino background and a reflection of his fiery attitude. His usual quiet composure should never be underestimated for weakness; he is a monster both on the stage and in the studio booth. Opening for reggaeton groups such as Angel & Khriz in addition to regular performances in DC nightclubs and special events around the nation have helped MafiOSo become the showman that his friends and fans have grown to love. Growing up in a city where bloodshed on the concrete is a daily normalcy was anything but easy for MafiOSo. The deaths of his Best friend and Uncle were almost the end of him as he embraced suicidal ideas and turned to alcohol for comfort; he soon realized it was time to get up and move on. Since early childhood he displayed a natural sense of rhythm and was scorned for banging and tapping on anything that made noise; this later developed into the beatboxing talent he utilizes today. Despite the competition and opposition, MafiOSo continues to crash through the barriers that separate him from his goals both in music and in life. Washington DC needs a new leader. Let the game begin...
Your musical influences
Inspiration comes from many places for me.....all types of music inspire me...not to mention my surroundings...
What equipment do you use?
* anything i can get my hands on!