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Prophet The Revolution
Prophet The Revolution
29 Tracks
Prophet The Revolution is a hardcore rap artist from Holland, Michigan. The essence of old school fused with heavy rap production. Creating a refreshing new pro
Rhyme A Few Bars ft. A.G.E. (BONUS)
Peak in sub-genre #95
Home Of The Brave ft. Kryptonite & Morbit (BONUS)
Peak in sub-genre #80
Band/artist history
Ive been through many different stages of music in the past decade. My music reflecting whats going on in my life. Even though my music as taken a darker tone, its the lyrics that catch the listeners attention. The story of my life that i wish to share through the release of the emotions that cage me. Im so happy that others take in what i create and use that in their own lives.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ive shared the stage with such local artists as A.G.E., Jay "Kryptonite" Mathews, L.O.K., Magnanomous, Tree City, Urban Decay, Joe Buys and Binks. And national acts Insane Clown Posse, The Dayton Family, and Hed (PE).
Your musical influences
I take inspiration from every artist ive ever heard good and bad. Everything i absorbed musically is somehow responsible for the artist ive become.
What equipment do you use?
Reason, ProTools, various producers.
Anything else?
The Revolution is coming. The return to a day when music was an art and not a way to get rich. West Michigan and beyond will soon have an alternative to the crap that infests this culture. And anyone that questions my conviction or my love for this art can start the hatin right now. I rap like im proving that im better than the rest. Ive come to squash all the garbage bullshit rap and make being lyrical cool again!
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Bad Luv (Buy 1 Get 4 Free)
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RnB Soul/ Hip Hop Type Beat