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Duane Rod
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Welcome to Redemption
Now I'm living in Redemption and settling down, on a street called Forgiveness, in a quiet little town. Thank God for the peace that I have found, in this place called Redemption, my new home town!
Small Town USA
All the attempts in this country to suppress anything to do with God inspired me to write this song. We in the small towns across this nation are not ashamed of His name, and we will shout it out!!
Fall On Me_mp3
The Spirit of God is as real as the sun and the moon, and there is nothing like knowing His Spirit is in you.
Raise Some Praise _mp3.mp3
I used to think it was all about "raising hell", but now I know it's all about "raising praise"!!
Here I Am.mp3
A song depicting the glory of God and a person crying out to Him to do whatever it takes to light a fire in him for the presence of God.
Once In a Lifetime Love
Let's just call it a "Cyber Ministry"!!!!
Band/artist history
Just released my fifth CD titled "Welcome to Redemption". It is available for free download, as are my other four CDs also.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Got back into playing live for a short while, but with a full time job and a wife and home to care for I've settled back into my home studio.
Your musical influences
Gospel music, praise and worship, and country are mostly what influences my style.
What equipment do you use?
I have two Seagull acoustics, a CRATE acoustic amp, Shure KSM27 mic, a CAD Equitek E-200 mic, a Shure PG58 & Sennheiser e935 mic, Korg K61 keyboard controller, dbx 376 mic pre, just a starter bass right now, an Epiphone Les Paul 100 electric guitar, a Behringer Vamp simulator, and I'm recording using Sonar X2 Producer. HP A10 Vision AMD/ 12G RAM ROKIT 5 Studio monitors
Anything else?
Yea, you want a life changing experience that never quits but just gets better every day............try Jesus! And if you're worried about what the future holds and are tired of trying to create it yourself; put it in the hands of the One who holds the future........Jesus.
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