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Simon Webb
Simon Webb
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Simon Webb is a New Age composer and performer. His music is ambient post classical.
I am Simon Webb, a 21st century New Age composer and performer. I started THE BRAIN, from which ANOTHER DAY is taken, in 2000, along with the construction of an ocean going sailing catamaran. THE BRAIN was released in 2006, and the follow-up, A LEAP INTO THE LIGHT, will be released in September 2007. My third album, working title TECHNO NOMAD, will be recorded onboard the catamaran as I attempt to circumnavigate the globe.
Band/artist history
My first album, THE BRAIN was released in 2006, and the follow-up, A LEAP INTO THE LIGHT, a multimedia 5.1 project is being released worldwide through 2007 and 2008. I am currently working on a choral project: IN ANOTHER WORLD.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do. I have since I was a child: In the theatre, the concert hall, church, rock concerts. In fact, anywhere I can! In the future I would like to perform in the environment: On beaches, in quarries, on quaysides, in the landscape, as well as the more conventional music venues. Special live moments include playing live my score for HENRY V at The National Theatre in London in 2003.
Your musical influences
Leonardo Da Vinci Palestrina JS Bach Stravinsky Ravel Satie Kurt Weill Luciano Berio Miles Davis Pink Floyd Ennio Morricone Vangelis George Martin and The Beatles Weather Report Garfield Sobers Cool Edit Salvador Dali James Wharram Cesar Manrique Andy Goldsworthy
What equipment do you use?
Piano, Organ, Prophet V, DX7, MKS 30, VCS3, D50, synthesizers, a bunch of computers and software including Cubase and Cool Edit, lots of things you bang, the sound environment.
Anything else?
In my music I am trying to explore the cracks between contemporary and classical music, trying to find the 'new' in new music, trying to find and present the 'organic' in digital. I try to avoid metronomes and tuners, hard quantize and nineteenth century harmony, for they are definitely 'old school'. I try to embrace the new, keep my ears open, surf the environment, let my music breathe, and make it real, for that is where the ideals of the New Age lie.