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Jennifer Deann Scott
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Electronica, experimental music with digital media, down-tempo or ambient music, classical academic music including strings or voice. Collaborations with elect
Barely Breathing
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I am a classically trained musician with an aesthetic for sophisticated pop music, electronica, and soundscapes. I have a degree in violin performance from the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID and will have a Masters Degree in Music Composition by May 2008 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I sing mezzo soprano and play violin and piano. I collaborate with many musicians on some projects, but mostly write my own music. Lately I have been experiementing with various digital music software such as ProTools, Live, Reason, and Garage Band. Some day I will learn Cubase. Most notably, I have been collaborating with Gunnar Spardel of Tigerforest and Atlantique, and Amethyste Lyne via Atlantique. I look forward to many projects with these amazingly talented musicians. I also collaborated with DJ Fadeliss, David Iverson, and Aeturnas. I have a couple sites where some of my music and collaborations can be found: www.myspace.com/jhadiousofmelimiti www.myspace.com/atlantiquemusic "Longing for the Sun" is now available on iTunes and CD Baby on "The Sound of LIfe" album by Tigerforest.
Band/artist history
Currently performing solo violin and voice as well as with a local band named "Poor Jennifer"comprised of electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard, drums, violin, with male and female vocals in a style mixed of blues, Americana, folk, and pop rock. I began playing viola in grade school but eventually switched to the violin, ultimately to major in violin performance at the University of Idaho, in Moscow, ID where I also studied voice. I achieved a Master of Music degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder in Music Composition. Though I have not found one specific genre to follow, I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums and genres such as musique concrete, classical string ensembles, SSA choirs, piano solos, electronica, etc. Music that incorporates both acoustic and electronic/digital elements are most appealing to my ear. I feel it is part of my mission to create music that other people can relate with--establish a connection on a non-verbal level.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performing at the Community College of Aurora on April 13, 2012 featuring violin improvisations processed using the iPad.
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