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Frederick Serafim
Frederick Serafim
Niagara Falls, Canada
April 17, 2007
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Post-classic rock fusion incorporating elements of rock, folk, blues, jazz, electronic, symphonic, latin, world and country influences, with lyrics based upon informed, agnostic humanitarianism. F. J. Serafim - Vocals, Electric/Acoustic/Synth Guitars, Synthesizers, Pianos & Production "Hi Frederick, I liked the lyrical concept, the musical arrangements, musicianship and vocals... ....you are on the right track with your songwriting. Wishing you success with your music, Mike" (Moody Blues co-founder Mike Pinder, 2018 R&R Hall of Famers) Licensing only upon direct contact with artist.
Band/artist history
I first started doing paid performances at the age of 16. My last string of performances was from 2005 to 2008 with Catherine Clarkson and Cryterion. I've always preferred recording and these days it would take a particularly interesting opportunity to get me out of my hassle free, retirement lifestyle.
Your musical influences
I've always appreciated a wide spectrum of music beyond my own personal styles, but some of my early favorites, back when high economy of scale production costs necessitated label support, ranged from the likes of Warren Zevon, Springsteen, Santana and The Band, to progressive Art-Rock bands such as the Strawbs and Pink Floyd. However, my single favorite was always Moody Blues co-founder and mellotron proponent Mike Pinder, and so when we exchanged emails when he first appeared on the net, I was very pleased. Also, when I was seriously ill in 2009, he got back to me with words of encouragement within an hour. He's a very singular artist and a wonderful man. At a time when synths were only capable of bleeps and squawks, he and the Moodys were fusing rock with symphonic elements using the analog tape based orchestral mellotron, an instrument he helped develop. Great voice too. " I'm a melancholy man doing what I can, the whole world surrounds me and I think I understand...".
What equipment do you use?
My main guitar is an electric/acoustic/synth access Godin LGX-SA. I use Roland keyboard-synth workstations, plus various microphones, processors and software applications. Although I occasionally perform and jam with other musicians, my chief interest and source of enjoyment has always been in embracing the entire recording process as a solo artist, from the initial creative spark, through arranging and performing the tracks, to engineering the final sonic masters. After decades of recording analog demos, I started throwing down digital tracks in the mid 90's, knowing that everything could be continually remastered at my leisure. My rationale at the time was similar to that of Dylan and The Band recording the Basement Tapes, but with the digital advantage. Though I do use digital editing, I shun automatic arrangers, arpeggiators and vocal auto-tuners, and specifically compose or spontaneously improvise every note of my music, and record my vocals in 1 or 2 takes. I try to combine appealing melodies with more complex chordal progressions, and strive to achieve the greatest stylistic variability I can attain within a rock blend framework, but not to the degree where it impinges upon quality.
Anything else?
ANTICHRIST ACCUSATIONS (April 2018) (An interesting commentary written by the Schizoid Visionaries) We were recently reading a full one page ad in USA TODAY accusing Pope Francis of being the dreaded Antichrist of the Book of Revelations. We're not big fans of the Catholic church, but obviously the combined military forces of the Catholic nations don't possess one iota of the power to pull off such a devastating feat. However, there is one country that does possess the power, and that's the good ol' USA, emboldened by right-wing religizoids - the very people making the accusations, and Trump would make an excellent candidate for the starring role... We normally don't adhere to literal interpretations of prophetic scriptures. Obviously populations aren't going to be walking around with "666" tattooed on their foreheads, but such prophecies can conform to the Carl Jung / Einstein concepts of synchronicity and archetypal symbolism, and in that fashion bear legitimacy, reverberating within space-time. For instance, the Aztecs were intimidated by Cortez because at that time, they were anticipating the return of their deity, Quetzelcoatl, who was to bring with him a new religion. Cortez perfectly fit the bill, though not literally. Why should the "Higher Power" have to literally conform to man's expectations, though certainly Its omniscient awareness of man's beliefs might fuel Its sense of irony. Regarding Revelations, the antichrist gains power after surviving a "sword wound to the head". If you think in terms of this antichrist being the power and potential of the presidential office - POTUS, then the presidency has already survived the "head wound" of JFK, and now we're threatened by the advent of a wanna-be dictator trying to take full control. Obama tried to dial it down but Trump is attempting to assume this role and govern without congressional restraint. The upheaval he can cause could engender an extreme crisis, which may lead to environmental destruction and a conflict that makes Vietnam's 58000 dead look like a minor playground tussle, - maybe orchestrated by Trump himself, or by a more politically astute Republican, or possibly even a future Democrat, just doing what he's forced to do by the dire conditions he inherits. Hopefully, Trump is merely a buffoon which we overcome, but the word "trump" doesn't just refer to a euchre card. It's also a trumpet blast, and it's now quite clear that a prophesied apocalyptic "trumpet" is blowing for anyone who cares to acknowledge it, whether it be figurative or literal. The New York Times recently reported how the Trumps (Jared Kushner) have leased out their most expensive New York property - "666" Fifth Ave. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/03/nyregion/kushners-building-fifth-avenue-brookfield-lease.html and there are many websites explaining Trump's connections to various biblical doomsday prophecies, such as his extreme "boasting", his worship of mammon (money), the fact that he was born on a "blood moon"; the stock market fell 666 points on the day he clearly expressed his attack on the FBI https://www.inquisitr.com/4768977/trumps-nose-rubbed-in-stock-market-plunge-666-point-drop-sparks-number-of-the-beast-quips-online/ and the Trump Tower is pretty much 666 feet tall (they claim 664 but?), and they're not even hiding the fact that Jared's proposed Tower 1 at 1 Journal Square, is to be exactly 666 ft. tall. http://www.thenewjournalsquare.com/2015/08/56-story-tower-planned-for-long-vacant-jersey-city-lot/ Yep, that's the exact best height. The relevance of all this is that, Trump, an obvious non-christian, has deceived the vast majority of US Evangelists into voting for him - another Revelations prophecy, and as Obama explained, it's not wise for Democrats and left wing secularists to just relinquish the power and influence of the biblical domain to the Republican right wing's debased interpretations.
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