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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
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Mike has been playing drums since could hold sticks in his hand. He studied for many years with great drum instructors including Bill Jenson, and Larry S. Levin
Mike is a multi-instrumentalist who draws on an eclectic mix of styles and influences to bring his unique flavor of music to life. As a creative person, he finds happines and fulfillment through the creative process. While he sincerely hopes you enjoy his work, it is the process of creating music that he enjoys the most. Mike strives to bring his musical ideas to life in his modest home studio in the Pocono Mountains. For more information and music please visit his website at: http://www.obesearmadillo.com/music/mike/
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Although I spent 5 years of my life playing the club circuit and having a really good time, I don't play live much anymore.
Your musical influences
Frank Zappa, ELP, Kraftwrek, Steve Vai, Howard Jones, Boston, Yanni, Eric Johnson, Neil Zaza, The Dixie Dreggs, Dream Theater basicly I am inspired by good music of every style. If I had to put a name to my style it would be "Adult Contempoary Instrumental Rock"
What equipment do you use?
My recording rig is based arround a Apple Mac Pro running logic pro. I play Yamaha, Pearl, and Tama Drums. I play Paiste cymbals. My main guitar is a Schecter C1 Plus, although I occasionaly use my ESP, or my Les Paul custom. My bass is an ibenez. My keyboard rig includes a Korg o1w/fd, Juno 2, EMU Emax and a Casio CZ-3000.
Anything else?
"There are no cables in heaven"
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