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Very, very, very, very, very, very easy listening, accordion based popmusic
Hogsommarmannen (a.k.a. HSM or 'the High Summer Men' in UK or 'the Indian Summer Men' in US) are an accordion based group produced by from Bulftown in Sweden and they play very, very, very, very, very easy listening, accordion based pop music.
Band/artist history
Hogsommarmannen (a.k.a. HSM or 'the High Summer Men' in UK or 'the Indian Summer Men' in US) are a accordion based group formed in june 2002 by Skinner, Spinnner, Bulf & Bony from Bulftown in Sweden. (Bulf-Town is a little town not found on many maps, but it exists, believe it or not!!). They had all been playing and making music since they were kids. Bulf was strongly influenced by drum nÃÂbass & techno, since he had heard some great stuff at his uncles house (Uncle Baffen the elder), 'Bulf' and 'Bony' met at a lokal pub in april 2002, and decided to make some music that did not sound like the ordinary crap that you can hear on the radio everyday! 'Bulf' and 'Bony' mixed Harmonica and electronic beats together like it had never been done before! In june 2002 they teamed up with the two brothers 'Skinner' and 'Spinner' who also were great musicians, (and had toured around the country a lot!!) They were so amazed when they heard the result, It was so brilliant, that all other music sounded like horseshit!! In june 2002 they finaly could make it happen! Now they were all together with their instruments, writing songs all day long, Skinner & Spinner mixed in their electric accordions into the drum & bass, techno & pop style, and finaly 'Hogsommarmannen' was created and 'Electric Light Accordion' was recorded at 'BSSB Records' in October 2002. HÃÂgsommarmÃÂnnen also released a 78'rpm singel in hard violet vinyl in october 2002, only in a limited release in Bulftown. But this masterpiece was a complete radio hit, so now it is also released world wide! And this singel have two B'sides and one remix of Workout In Paris on the A'side. In June 2003 HÃÂgsommarmÃÂnnen met Spjelker in the lokal pub in Bulftown, and two days later he was a new member in the band, in July 2003 HSM started to record the new album 'Dragspelets Makt' (The power of the accordion) and in august 2003 it was finished. In June 2004 Uncle Baffen changed the name on his record company from 'BSSB Records' to 'Bulftown Records'. HSM released a very limited collection CD in august 2004 (only in Bulftown for very very ner friends) called 'The Ultimate Dance Collection'. (This CD has no new tracks!) In october 2004 the two members 'Ticos Ullbroder' and 'Urkulla MjÃÂltbrand' joined the band. Bulf and Spinner met them both in Bulftown in the lokal pub. Both 'Ticos' and 'Urkulla' are very talented musicians. HÃÂgsommarmÃÂnnen released the album 'Glesbyggdssynthen' (The sparsely-populated area synth) in december 2004. This album was called a masterpiece by the fans and it is one of the best albums by the band so far. The EP 'Kosken Meditation' was released in march 2005, and this one was sold to the fans when HSM did some live performance in Bulftown, Luleàand Boden (in Sweden). In september 2005 the band released the collection CD called 'Kattgulds Kollektionen', a collection of all songs recorded by the band during 2002 and 2005, this CD was a success for new fans who never had heard HSM before. The band released the chritmas EP 'God Jul FrÃÂn Bulftown' in december 2005 and this little piece was the number one christmas record at the radio station in Bulftown. In january 2006 the band released an updated version of the collection CD 'Kattgulds Kollektionen', but with a 'Plus' into the name, this version was only released in Bulftown because people in Bulftown don't have money to buy all great albums with HSM. So here they got all great albums on one CD for the price of one. In december 2006 the band released the EP 'SpÃÂnnande KÃÂrleks Kontakt' (exciting love contact) with three new songs made for dirty dancing. In august 2007 HSM released the EP 'FrÃÂn Bulftown Till Savannen' with three new songs. The new CD 'Kallt som Fan i KÃÂpenhamn' was released in june 1, 2009. (Updated by webmaster Buffalo in June 1, 2009) PS! Don't forgett to visit the official homepage! (It doesn't take long to visit and take a look, klick on the link at artist infos).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Carl Jularbo, Aphex twin, Jokkmokks Jocke, Chemical Brothers, Kent, Roland Cedermark, Alf Alfa and the Wild Oats, Dalapolisens Spelman, Orsa Spelman, The Faderullan-kvartet, Hendingarna, M.A. Nominen, SWAP, Jukka Tervamaki, Torf, John Kirkpatrick & many many many many many more...
What equipment do you use?
'SKINNER' - Electric Accordion & Accoustic Guitar. 'SPINNER' - Electric Accordion & Electric Guitar. 'BULF' - Bass, Electric Guitar & Keyboards. 'BONY' - Drums, Percussion, Guitar & Some Vocals. 'SPJELKER' - Accordion & tap dance. 'TICOS' - Violin & riverdance. 'URKULLA' - Synth & Vocals.
Anything else?
COMPACT DISCS 01. Electric light accordion (Album, 2002) 02. Workout in Paris (The 78rpm Single, 2002) 03. Dragspelets makt (Album, 2003) 04. The ultimate dance collection (Compilation, 2004) 05. Glesbyggdssynthen (Album, 2004) 06. Kosken meditation (EP, 2005) 07. Kattgulds kollektionen 02-05 (Compilation, 2005) 08. God Jul fran Bulftown (EP, 2005) 09. Kattgulds kollektionen plus 02-05 (Compilation, 2006) 10. SpÃÂnnande kÃÂrleks kontakt (EP, 2006) 11. Fran Bulftown till Savannen (EP, 2007) 12. Kallt som Fan i Kopenham (Album, 2009)
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