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Gospelhiphop, gospel,the lords doing, vlaardingen, ministry,christ4life,word of faith,gemeente vlaardingen, talent, kerk vlaardingen, kerkgemeente
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The way the truth and life
levend water
gewoon niet
eer en respect
de ceremonie gaat beginnen
Christ4 life is the name of his organisation The leadsinger has a broad international experience in hiphop for over more then 15 years. His name is C.r.e.a.m which stands for Christ Rules Everything Around Me Trough the service of Cream, wonders of healing and repentance took place And trough it all cream came to experience that its not important how much experience you have in music or what position you have. The most important part of your life is what the Lord does and allowing His authority to work trough you. Though with his hiphop experience troughout the years God turned it to a new kind of hiphop with worship and quiet moments for the Lord, to lead the listeners into worship next to praise and proclaiming the word by the songs which contain prayerlike praises and worship.
Band/artist history
God gave cream the grace to spread His word from clubs to prisons, schools to festivals and international events. cream and spectators and worshippers of God as to the blessed ones by whom it happened were witnesses of the wonders which God did. The sick got healed, lame walked, people found the way to the Lord trough accepting Jesus.. lets praise God and thank Him for His lovingkindness and the joy He bestows by manifesting. If you want to know more of This band then it would be good to know that there is a nice website coming soon with more info and bible study’s for growth and knowledge. Read the word, because these are precious promisses and pray the Lord to know the depth, the Higth, the width and length of His love and manifestation of the spirit to cause growth in Him. Shalom. Peace the website of the outreach i am serving with is www.thelordsdoing.org
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I serve to be a blessing and momentarily, i haven't found a band yet to back me up and to serve together with.. for big events He works with a live performance
Your musical influences
the musical influences has been given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Cream hardly listenes to other music than gospel music that is also being played in churches. Like Hillsong and opwekking. He doesn't find anything inspirational than the worship of God and Jesus our Saviour
What equipment do you use?
Cream has been blessed by the lord when God told Him to build his home studio which has become a fact.while he had no money to accomplish it. still in famine cream sowed like Isaac the son of Abraham did and the equipment used were ordened by God too, and with effectual equipment and being led to create beats for hiphop worship unto God
Anything else?
He has experienced a lot in his life with Christ from supernatural to wonders and signs And cream grew in understanding when Gods word is only logos in your life you will not experience the growth and meaning of being filled with the anointed one and His anointing. where our eyes cannot reach to focus, the spirit does. and spiritual things communicates with and in the spirit. He brings His word to life, in our atmosphere. The spirit acts on the word, because by the word of God all is created, so speak peace, live and blessings, because seed bring forth after its own kind. If you understand this than you’ll acknowledge and will see the Lord in manifestations. Bless Him day by day, eause He is so enormous worthy. So be strong in the power of His might.
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