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Spaceman is currently working on THE EXCLISIVE 16 BAR MIXTAPE (SPACEMAN) which features artists such as Proverb, Reason, Nthabi, Explicit and Morale.
Band/artist history
Born Diau Madisha in Zebediela a village in Limpopo, South Africa. Spaceman found hip hop when he moved to Protea North (a section of Soweto in) JoBurg South Africa. It took only 2years in high school for Spaceman to be the hip hop center. At this stage he was the leader of the only hip hop group at school, handling their production and distrubution around the school. He took the 2 artists (Cross and KG-fire) he believed in and went to groom them under his wing. The popularity of his music and leadership qualities led to him being voted the head student by both students and teachers. In 2003 Spaceman studied sound engineering and saw his first musical success by having his first track became track of the week on Y fms Harambe Show. The track called Revolution caused a ster with words like theres no local hip hop jus hip hop. In 2004 he realesed his first mixtape which was released and distributed independantly. The mixtape featured Pro-Kid, Spaceman, Syntax and of coarse Cross and KG-fire. He collected all his Artists, planned and fiananced a tour and hit the road to market the mixtape. The tour covered Umthata, East london, PE, Grahamstown, Johannesburg, Durban, Limpopo and Bloemfontein. From community radio stations to malls,no stone was left unturned. Although largely guerilla style marketing was employed to market the mixtape, a modest 5196 copies were sold. In 2005 saw Spaceman studied Small business management and promoted the Spaceman brand. He participated in a Metro fm compilation (the Exodus hosted by T-Bo Touch) and expanded to tv by playing a rapper in a comedy show Kenny Makhenzo on SABC 1. 2006 Rather saw Spacemans label rebirth Munna Music and futher study in Marketing and Management for the Music Industry at Wits University. Spaceman is currently working on THE EXCLISIVE 16 BAR MIXTAPE (SPACEMAN) which features artists such as Proverb, Reason, Nthabi, Explicit and Morale. He has recently come of tour with Mzansi Hip-Hop (Campus tour) and is currently working on his LP- 22 n 1 due for release in mid 2007 under Munna Music. With all the production experience gained in the past 4 years he is working on Cross LP and KG-fires LP for release (under Munna Music) for 2008. The last 3-4 years have seen him generate enough anticpation for his LP making him the perfect bussiness artist to partner with in the pursuit to capture the urban market and grow with them. Spaceman has appeared on the Hype Magazine compiltion(3times with a full length article), Y FM, 5 FM, Ukohzi FM, Voice of Tembisa FM, BKO and Metro FMs Hip Hop charts (peaked at no. 3). He has done jingles for Y-FM, with his most recent one still being aired on Mavrick lounge (sat-sun 1pm-5pm) and appeared on Etvs Shizz Nizz Program (several times).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. All around South Africa but usually in Jo'burg
Your musical influences
2 PAC, JIGGA, the list is endless