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HB Beverly
HB Beverly
4 Tracks
Mulitple influences from Elvis to Jimmy Buffett, to James Taylor and John Prine, to Bruce Springsteen and Paul Thorn have shaped my songs into a style that ref
My Baby's (Coming Back To Town)
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Tug Of War
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Requiem (Song for Dad)
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HB Beverly, located in the Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach, SC is primarily known in Jimmy Buffett's fan circles, but has his own original songs which start in that genre, and expand into Country, Bluegrass, Folk/Rock, Rockabilly, and Jersey-style Rock.
Band/artist history
H.B. Beverly's determination to be respected for his own written songs led him into the studio in 1998 with old friend David Williams producing, what turned out to be a two-year blood, sweat and tears project that many people including H. B. himself, didn't think would ever be released. Lots of problems were encountered during the recording of the project - accidental erasure of three songs, flooding of the studio resulting in equipment damage, financial backing issues, lightning striking the hard drives containing most of the songs, and on and on. To everyone involved, the project seemed cursed from the start. Even when completed, the first pressing of the CD was mixed poorly by his label Digi-Tone Records, and was rejected for not being up to industry standards. Jim Price, nominated for a Grammy award in 1999 for his mixing of a Doc Watson album, was called in to re-mix the project. He remixed all 13 songs and greatly improved the sound. H. B.'s "Home Sweet Home" CD has continued to sell steadily by word-of-mouth, and through his performances, and enjoys airplay in nine states in America, and in foreign markets including Holland, Ireland, Germany and England. H. B. Beverly & Friends "Home Sweet Home" was a true labor of love project with over 25 of the finest hand-picked musicians East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia offers, and the CD will surely be considered as a collectible in the future because of those who participated, like bluegrass legend Wyatt Rice, who was up for Bluegrass Musician of the Year when HB's Cd came out. He is also the brother of multi-award winning Tony Rice. Not only does the CD showcase his writing and arranging skills but his virtual ease with performing Rock, R&B, Country/Rock, and Bluegrass styles all which are present on this CD. In addition, he has several newer songs from 2004, whcih were recorded with long time sidekick Don Eanes in his home studio in Johnson City, TN. These songs are probably his best and are represented here in "The Way", and "I'll Be Coming Home" which is a beautiful soldier's prayer to his true love back home.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live as much as humanly possible in any venue that has live entertaiment. I live to play as it is truely the only time I'm totally happy with myself (need therapy!) My biggest thrill was opening solo for CHICAGO in 1995 in Camden, NJ before 25,000 people. Not one person booed this southern cracker, and that's when I knew I was a good entertainer.
Your musical influences
My biggest writing influences are James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Jim Croce. There are of course more to be mentioned, but they would all fall into the great Americana writers category, like the ones mentioned above.
What equipment do you use?
I play through a Mackie stereo 8 channel power amp, and feed that into Peavey Pro15 speakers. This seems to adequately handle most situations that I play in. I play a 1994 Taylor 410, which was the first series in that make to feature built in Fishman pickups. And finally, I blow only Special 20 harmonicas from Hohner, which feature plastic reed combs so I won't rip my lips off, and stick it in a Lee Oscar neck-mounted harmonica rack.
Anything else?
Many thanks to all my fans who have come here looking to download my original music. I hope they're good enough to stay in your collection for the rest of your life, and serve you well along the way!
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