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The Hipnoise
riveting, erotically empowered, crazy, zany, wild, emancipated, libertarian, remarkable, unique, cool, sexy, jive, syrupy, glossolalia, labia minora, mons vener
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Yeah so it's not a cowboy song, it's doesn't have thundering hooves and a twirling lariat. What it does have however, is a damn fine hat. The hat even says Austin.RR on it - whatever that means...
Soul Plumbers
I think I wrote this thinking about Steve French and his illustrious acing career, but I could be wrong. It's a funky break and the ubiquitous mix of indeterminate effects. You'd be surprised, a great many sounds aren't what you'd think but for
Something about the movie 'Wall Street' had resonance with a dark part of me. The line about friendly dogs I think.
Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas
An odd thing - the title backwards, I wonder what the song sounds like backwards. I want to take Hammerhead and make a backwards drum machine.
Grabba Dagga
Not at all dedicated to the crazy legal smokeable Dagga flower, this is actually about the ides of March. whe the wife and husband we call king reaches the forum. Nay, not thus we are to strike in his favour instead.
The need is simple - to cover for natural normal activities in this hyper sensitive information age. To fill the vaccum in sound, the hush that comes over the whole building when #3a is gettin' it on. We live in a sex-negative society in a sex-negative world, and thus all attempts at a genre which answers these needs are fore-doomed. Stickered, boycotted, censored. "You're watching pornography." the type we are looking for will think/say/accuse. The songs are designed to make them think just that. It is a draw for other peoples reactions, it is your own laboratory just to see how imprisoned their minds are. One groan don't make a movie, y'know? To cover for the sounds of natural lovemaking is the goal. In analogy and in reality, our societies are filled with people listening with bated breath. The first step to a tolerant and peaceful society is to diagnose those causing the problem. As our cities get more crowded, as apartments get smaller and cheaper, as people with plastic faces whose lives are lies start holding office and positions of power telling you what you can and can't do... you need this. This is freedom of peaches. This is the rite to keep your arms bare. HIPNOISE will work just fine. It's not sex, but kinda sounds like it. The further you are away the more it sounds like it. Why? Cause you all have dirty little monkey minds and the ones who say no are the dirtiest little birdies of all. The best part will be watching their pinched little faces as they try to complain. There aren't even any lyrics to censor, the damn songs are 99% instrumental. Sticker says : this album contains electronically modified sounds that may make repressed people think of sexual acts. Yippee! Free mental healthcare for the sexually challenged! It will heat up society to a rolling boil faster than you know. Sound seeks no permissions baby, you will be the armies of the HIP with hipnoise happening all around. The challenge is to mix in equal parts agony and ecstasy, love and lust - and yet remain faithful to the inherent musicality of the pieces. Using individually pitched and timed samples, using home-made samples as well as semi-commercial soundbytes, but in such a way that they fit the mood and tone of the piece. There is no natural climb to plateau - there really isn't a draw for that malevolent prejudice that it is recounting coitus directly. The samples are not all sexy, in fact some of the best ones are from activities like womens weightlifting, diving, seagulls!(slow em down it's bdsm heaven), surgery, and other random stuff that sounds grungy sped up or slowed down. Anime cartoons are great sources for sounds like tentacle sex and serious lollygagging... Listen, and burn an extra CD for the SWAT team so they let you off with honors. In fact this is all humour. There is so much parody aimed at me anyway - I just KNOW I can do it better. Well, after the haze of endorphins is over and someone has slept on the wet spot (my favorite place cuz it's only cold for a few seconds really) you look around your lives and realize there isn't much else. You can chalk truth up to five things in this strange almost here life we have. One is sex, lust, drive, libido - whatever you want to call it, because we don't really choose it but it is the only thing we really know is us, is ours, is private. One is relationships, because that may not fit in a suitcase or a bank account but it is a semi-solid point of reflection. We never really know about someone else, but we can know how we feel about them, and the consistency is a point of navigation. The third thing is our appreciaton - our idea of beauty, our sense of humor, taste, smell - stuff of the senses - but not the illusion they respond to - our response to the illusion - the use of it. The next is really odd to think about but it's our taxis and tropism to all things - do we give or take, do we receive or put out - in what proportion. This reflects our energies. The last and fifth point here is blind faith - it's a strange and unfathomable thing - the reason I say unfathomable is simply because it cannot be predicted, estimated, measured - or even guessed - it just pops up and gives you some strange and blinding acces to root on Yggdrasil. So no matter how many Saurian brandies you've knocked back and where you wake in the holodeck - you can use this simple astrogation system to find ot who and what you are. Ask the Buddha, he'll tell you. What does this have to do with the band? Well - everything. Really. Because I say so. Now run along and think about it and don't you dare listen to this music. It's mine. All mine.
Band/artist history
Hard working lads from small farms on the edge of nowhere, lured by the call of adventure, money, titties and beer. They struggled to learn their battered instruments and climbed up through a series of low paying jobs all around the nation breaking up hearts and marriages along the way. Here they stand before you, ready to do their worst. Other variations on this are the lifeblood of the music business. Poor casting departments, never get any of the credit.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have lived on the road and played in places that didn't even have names. It was a job. It didn't pay well. The legend is always in your head - even if you're Elvis. Now I just sit and plot my revenge on the music business.
Your musical influences
Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Blues, Country, Electronica. and all the weird cellphone ringtones out there.
What equipment do you use?
I use a dunlop crybaby til it bleeds. Anyone says wah-wah around me I shoot them.
Anything else?
Why must this be so painful? "In the mirror, agony is bliss" Oh.
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