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sex, sexy, hot, penis, murder, death, love, kill, fuck, cunt, tits, ass, beaver, bottom, pussy, lust,joke, i jest, you knave, stop reading these, rocking, aweso
Well gAZPACHO gRAPES started out as the raisins of wrath. Then, one soupy day swollen with our self-importance and a man in the corner who felt his testicles strongly enough to yell, shouted 'hairy balls are sacred.' Without the slippery cunning of watermelon seeds, these once shriveled bits arose. Like some crunchy breakfast cereal pounding amalgam out of your jaw in stoned thunder, the grape seeds gave birth to their oval owners.
Band/artist history
"...their eyes have turned the color...of frozen meat."- Eric Bloom in 'Joan Crawford' I can't believe they can't tell it's pitched up in the forge. It reveal what they want to believe. When I slowed the seagulls down and flanged it - the looks on the ladies let me know what they were about. It's a lot like the
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All plays are live in some sense. Because I am a digital artist I can strongly hope my shows will be 'really just me' until the perception algorithms start being marketed. I refer the the wheels of jonesy's mellotron melting time to time.
Your musical influences
Philip Dick, Harlan Ellison, Robert Heinlein, Asimov, Eddings, Jordan, Tolkien, Adam West, Burt Parks, Robet Zimmerman, Maurice Micklewhite - to name a few
What equipment do you use?
My phallus, my brain, my two hands, a fork, a snowmobile (for beer runs), a cattle prod in case the bears get horny, a few cassette recorders, some olk keyboards, a beat up computer and tons of beer.
Anything else?
A song orphan. Lyrics with no tune yet. Akashic Candor waking up by inches when the screams are eight miles high wishing i could live at least while waiting here to die chatting with the the robots, grinning at the ants i can only try to reason out my dismal underpants is spring the curse or cure then fools? it's from my own head they've torn these rules they've paraded my fears for free with no care but now that i have my cult on - beware i am just a choosy cherry, and i don't buy lese majeste i turned a whole town yellow with my very first request i will help myself by and by, i will suffer like a priest for a little courtesy then - is to simply ask the least i can drift back to sleep with a simple hypothesis nothing as sure as the bliss in cypher's kiss the pylon is the circled gate, the crossroads of my prayer i sent it to the moon and realized it was not there i've asked a bigger favour from some outside the dream if you don't know when it started - it's hard to catch the theme so now my little sunflowers, you have got your bull and bill are there any other little prophecies you'd like me to fulfill?
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