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Proving that anyone with talent can be a successful recording artist today, Wade sets out on a profound journey of modern rock whose peak is limited only by the imagination. Using an impressive collection of catchy hooks and intriguing riffs that you will find yourself humming all day, Wade reaches new highs with his thought-provoking lyrics which oscillate freely between social commentary and personal introspection. His latest project, Clutter, is a powerhouse collection of singles which are alternatively hard hitting and melodical. A clear evolution in original production from his earlier days with legendary local groups YBU, Bompop, and Dive, Wade currently performs regularly in the Chicago area.
Your musical influences
Wade makes a calculated effort to avoid being influenced by anything on the radio today after spending too many years listening to early 80's powerhouse artists like Def Leppard, Rick Springfield and Flock of Seagulls. The obvious next step from these early influences were Heavy Metal pioneers like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in the mid 80's, moving to New Wave staples like New Order and the Cure near the end of the decade. All of that changed for Wade as it did for so many others who jumped on the Nirvana bandwagon in the early 90's, the difference being that he found Stone Temple Pilots more engaging. Carrying on that tradition today is Foo Fighters and the one band that has remained a favorite throughout the years, U2.
What equipment do you use?
Wade exclusively plays his signature tomato red guitars. He believes that the brand of equipment an artist uses is less important than how an artist performs with it.