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Bub Byrne
Singer, writer, guitarist with a strong chicken pickin' edge. Also Rock and Blues flavor.
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I'll Get Him Back
Based on real life, this is a funny, upbeat song about a day in the life of my kid brother and myself and our rambunctious adventures! Cool cartoon references too! Released 2021 Dungeon Records. Download this song here or at bubbyrne.hearnow.com
I always get lucky with you
Johnny B Goode
Recording I did while bored from not playing due to CV-19 pandemic. Engineered by my 13 year old, Caitlyn Byrne. Not for sale. Copyright C. Berry. I played all parts.
Moment's Notice Demo
5 piece Jazz band.
Happy go lucky
This is an incomplete sample demo. It has been on hold for a long time and will be completed soon with timing issues corrected. This is the only version available at this time. I am just posting it to have something on my page for the time being.
I have been playing guitar since 1982 but started out as a bass player professionally. Through the years I've played in studios such as: Buddy's Studio, Media Productions, Cinderella Studio (Nashville), Justin Peters Music (Nashville), Songs For The Planet (Nashville), Studio 101 Productions. I've produced and recorded demos for: ABET International Music Group (Nashville) Pitched demos to Mercury Records/Millhouse via Russ Zavitson. I've been co-writer on songs with Nashville songwriters Connie Wolfe aka: Constance, Ron Taylor, and Justin Peters and was a friend of the late, great songwriter Ben Peters. I sang backing vocals on a demo with the Hee Haw Band produced by steel player Russ Hicks and played in a band with Dave Hicks, the former bass player for the Hee Haw house band. I've jammed with Hee Haw's own Vicky Bird, Doug Stone's guitarist Dennis Brown, and helped in sound for Keith Whitley. I've sat in with a band named Back Alley which had Exile's former bassist Sonny Lemaire on board. I was in Nashville on business in 1998 and sat in with the Hall of Fame Lounge House Band several days in a row in which the audience was extremely please with my performance." Visit http://www.orionstarr.com bubbyrne.hearnow.com Still at it, I am working on music projects.
Band/artist history
I have played with Driftwood, Symon Gyrty I and II, Smokey River Band, Fatal Error, Silver Eagle Band, Last Chance, Southern Sounds, Southern Mix, Rachael Proctor and 40 West, Swamp Fox, Full House, Five of a Kind, The Players, Dirt Road Band, Dakota, Trace, Area Code 304, Shiloh, Nightshade, New River Band, Sudden Impact Band, The Rebels House Band, The Brandi Good Band, Tandem, and The Pour House Crew. Sat in with following groups; Back Alley, Southern Comfort, South Bound, Drivin' Time, Diamond Back, The Carpenter Ants, Kreshendo, Hall of Fame House Band (Nashville), Adam D. Tucker Project, Broken Bones Blues Band, Tastes Like Chicken, Silver Notes, Moment's Notice, Hogan's Goat, Overpass and Two Dollars Short, Southern Cookin', Dixie Highway Band, Dave McCormick Band, and more.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been playing live for over 33 years. I do like it and still play out along with the fact I am concentrating on recording at home. My latest recording "I'll Get Him Back" is now available worldwide and can be heard at bubbyrne.hearnow.com
Your musical influences
I have a varied flavor in my playing style on the country side. The rock side of my playing is so widely varied that I cannot give an example other than to say I am pretty fast and a good bit of "attitude" in my playing in that genre. Some say that that I have a blues edge/flavor in my playing. My Jazz is all over the place. My Bluegrass playing sucks (I make it sound country) I don't dance on the stage when I play. I am comical and whimsical at times. Mostly, I let my guitar performances do the talking. I enjoy being a team player or a stand out performer.
What equipment do you use?
I play a 1998 Fender Telecaster with EMG pick-ups. I use a Boss GT-1000 guitar processor. I play through a Roland Jazz Chorus 120 amplifer. I use a brass slide that I designed. (I have the only one in the world like it!)
Anything else?
I have performed over 4000 gigs in my 27 years of playing. I have never missed or cancelled any gig that was scheduled. I took one week off with notice for my wedding day and honeymoon.
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A lot of soul in this. Enjoyed the listen.
Yes, it is on the neck EMG pick-up. It was plugged straight into a computer using a analog/digital interface, and one of those computer recording software systems (I really can't remember the name of it) and the tones were generated by a "tone plug-in" software as well but was taylored by me. It was just the sound I was looking for and I found it. I am not into all of that recording lingo anymore... I never finished the project and probably never will. If you liked that tone on the recording, you would absolutely love my guitar plugged into my Boss Gt-3 processor, Roland GR-01 guitar Synth and the Roland JC-120. It absolutely kicks! Thanks for the comment.
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