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Album Promo Cut 1
A little cut from our recent recording sessions for our new album promo.
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS HECATOMB. A 5 piece metal outfit from the midlands, Amenti take thrash metal back to its roots, utilising fast guitars, fast drums, and distinct vocals, its not hard to see why this band are causing a stir around the UK. Lyrically and emotionally Amenti convey a message that is much older than their tender years (All band members are in there teens or early 20's) Theirs is the music of war, of ferocity, of pain fuelled by the hell we live in. Nihilistic, anarchistic and yet always infused with messages of hope, Amenti portray a vision of a world torn apart by greed and jealousy, and yet a world that can be conquered, again, by us. THE ONLY CHURCH THAT ILLUMINATES IS BURNING Live Amenti take on another form entirely, standing they're own against more established acts like Breed 77, Ektomorf and Illdisposed, the Amenti live show is a lesson in power and intensity, this is not a band you should miss. Amenti have been on the rise with a UK tours with ILLDISPOSED and EKTOMORF and on many festivals this year including Northamton Open Air Festival, Silkfest, Gorefest, FreakyFest and with more in the pipeline. THE SANDS OF TIME HAVE SHIFTED....THEY ARE COMING...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live whenever and wherever possible. It is what the band is about, you can't experience us fully until you see us live.
Your musical influences
Exodus / Kreator / Pantera / The Haunted / Sick Of It All / Does it fucking matter?
Anything else?
www.enteramenti.com www.myspace.com/amentiuk
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