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Ronin Beatsmith
Ronin Beatsmith
88 Tracks
Not much is known about this mysterious character except for the fact that he wears a mask and makes beats. His techniques are just as mysterious as his origin. This has caused people to theorise about everything from his shoes to the way he drinks his soda. Some say he chops his samples with a sword. Others have claimed, according to Norse mythology, that his fake is "realer than most people's authentic" and that in ancient Eskimo texts it is written that his lame is "cooler than most people's awesome" which, coincidentally, makes him cooler than a polar bear's toenails. Some would go as far as to say that he is by no means new to the industry and is actually a veteran beat maker who has been around for quite some time and has in fact hosted many live events but, due to his uber ninja skills, has never actually been seen. Its even been rumoured that Ronin actually makes music using an illegal copy of FL studio along with the open sourced sound editor, Audacity and has spent literally money on equipment. The latter being by far the least likely of course. Silly rumours aside, The Beatsmith is no joke. It is documented fact that The 6.4 Wonder (as he is sometimes referred to) enjoys eating his cereal with broken glass and smashed up bits of vynil records. He learned this technique from a beat making friend of his known only as DJ Opening Act. Occasionally they collaborate to make concoctions designed to implode the brain and physically damage music itself. And sometimes, they make beats. However, despite his face being obscured by a ninja mask, metal face the darkness that constantly surrounds him. There is one thing that we can really and truly be confident about him.That Ronin Beatsmith sure is one good looking guy.
Band/artist history
band history? i downloaded fruity loops.
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music. Full Stop.
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