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Swav Dollaz
Swav Dollaz
Da Bang Em, FL  Worldwide
March 27, 2007
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-Dollaz Bytch-
Band/artist history
Dollaz Born in the Heart of the Unites States the Nations Capital Washington, DC in the Winter of 1987 became accustom to the World of Music at a young age, around the age of 9 he was a true prosepect of music in and out of the studio wit his father going by the name of Key-low he got his first taste of rapping in the car freestyling to and from studio sessions and by his middle school years he was writting rymes and grinding starting off rapping with fellow friends J.Jones and Face he would often ingage in freestyling in the lunchlines and outside of his apartment complexes on a regular and by the 9th grade @ annadale high school he would be in the studio recording his first tracks linking up with fellow member of the rebirth jewelz Smith( at that time called M-Block then changing to R.E.S.) he would go on to record his 1st track in which was a diss track tword other emcees who had doubted him during the school year in which gained him recognition and led to a battle in which would go down in annadale history, battling rapper fizal in the studio was just one step tword his dream in which this young emcee ate the other in a 3 round battle which earned him respect in the rap world of high school, soon after he would go on to record his 1st mixtape intitled: Murder by Numbers and over 100 tracks with other M-block memebers S.Dubb, intellect and Authenticz, in the mean time and in between time he then dropped an album with Jewelz Smith at that time called techniec in which was intitled: strictly the Illest and also appearing on other members of the Rebirths mixtapes in the spring of 2005 He dropped a 40 track album intitled Facing the Nation right after dropping the Make it Count mixtape in the Summer of 2004 with fellow members Authenticz and Jewelz Smith the sucess of this album would be short lived tho, going tho tough times and different opsricles Jewelz and Khanflik (Swav Dollaz) parted wayz and stopped speaking in a somewhat bitter rivalry over the course of the fall 2005- the summer of 2006, but through that time Khanflik still managed to press on releasing and still working with R.E.S. member Illa and dropping The Stop sleeping mixtape and the R.O.T.C. mixtape over the course of the spring and summer of 2006, He then decided tp link up with fellow friend and righthand man A.C.E. to create T2G and take the world by storm and ending the carrer of JLP and Virus with the help of T2G Affiliate and Dirty Money Sqad, Va'z Finest's Iceberg to come up with the track Paybacks A Bytch feat.. JJ Stokes, Murda and Illa which dominated the woodbridge area in its intirety, looking for a change in his era Khanflik changed his name to Swav Dollaz in an instants of wanting a different perspective on his rap carrer and in the Fall semester of the 2006 He linked up with fellow members of Fuck JU DP and Problem Child in which became a force 2 b recking with, then linking up with Celeste who welcomed Dollaz new Flashy flow to the Pl Camp, and the rest is history Dollaz is now currently working with members of the Pl Camp, Empire and the CSI fam as well as R.E.S. once agian in a effort to revive Hip-hop now calling themself the ReBirth Dollaz current projects are His Dollaz Edition Mixtape, 2 Sides 2 @ Story the Album, Fuck Ju vol.1 tha mixtape as well as The Pl Camp Album and Mixtape Be on the look-out 4 those in the 2007 Coup when they drop!!!-
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea, I do shows its a rush you feed off da crowd and givem dat energy dey want and you got em, I juss love da feedback and support you get from ya fan base ya dig!
Your musical influences
Dipset, Dead Prez, Nas, Wayne, Banks, Buck, Mobb Deep, Bone Thugs, BIG, Pac, all the classic albums as well such as reasonble doubt, ill-matic, play a major roll in what i do
What equipment do you use?
Pro-Tools, Reason
Anything else?
Listen and you'll see me paint a vivid picture nobody sounds like me im unique ya dig and i spit dat morfeen 4 morfeens, enough talkin get 2 me rappin ya dig! -DOllaz
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