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Nihilist Prayer
Nihilist Prayer
2 Tracks
The calmest chaos to ever craft odes of sonic delight and fury! Electronic in base, but not limited to....
Mine is a dark, stark life of soundscape. If I'm not your guide through here, can't guarantee that you'll make it out okay...
Band/artist history
I am a lone child, decades-worn and spiritually weary, waiting for the truth to come back. My noise is new and particular. There's currently only one short piece out on CD (Hypnoskull's 'Dark Skies Over Planet E' on Ant Zen records) still looking for a newer home-base so my EP will be a while. Two tracks are up on MySpace for listening (available later, not now, here when appropriate) at www.myspace.com/rubyreddistrict owned by Ruby Red River. Very shy and more into electronic dicordance and emotion than you may realize...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently there is too much to be done before I'll be satisfied to perform.
Your musical influences
Sound at it's most violent & most fragile, inspired by feel (Sisters of Mercy, Godflesh, Dissecting Table, Neurosis) by way of dynamic texure (Techno Animal, Metalheadz, Hecq, Needle Sharing, Panacea, Underworld, Kong, Killing Joke et al...)
What equipment do you use?
various junk keys, synths & samplers, both personal and lent/borrowed - whatever's needed, really... all distilled by Mac. New equipment to be augmented soon though (how soon? Hmmmm....)
Anything else?
I look forward to helping you understand what crawls beneath, lives below, and flies unseen in a frequency-ladden tale of musing...