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John McKeon
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An artist whose music is diverse, melodic, occasionally with a hard rock edge, yet warm and relaxing!
Friends Preview
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=== S T O P P R E S S === 26/02/05 === The official John McKeon website has now been launched! Goto NOW! The John McKeon web site contains lots of free goodies and competitions, including chances to win free copies of the album. If you sign up to our mailing list here, you will automatically be registered as a VIP and will learn of the special offers and competitions in advance. The Double-A side single, "Take a Little time" c/w "Why aren't you talking to me?" is now officially on sale!! Buy it at www.lulu.com/wobblymusic or from John's official site at www.johnmckeon.wobblymusic.net John McKeon's long-awaited debut album, "Friends" is now complete! Advance orders are being taken from March 1st at www.johnmckeon.wobblymusic.net - The album is being released on May 1st 2005. Pre-order your copy to ensure that you are one of the 1st 500 who will receive a special limited edition with 2 mystery bonus tracks! LISTEN TO THE ALBUM PREVIEW HERE NOW! ================================================== "If it wasn't for the internet and the way it brings people together, very few people would ever have the chance of hearing the warm tones and heartfelt playing of guitarist/singer/songwriter John McKeon. Prior to a chance meeting sparked by a post to a newsgroup, John's songs and talents would have remained contained within the walls of his flat in the North of England and this debut album would never have been recorded. It was by chance that I read John's post on that newsgroup back in October 2000... I had just completed a small project writing some midi music for a free computer game and I enjoyed helping out people who wanted their music transcribed to a midi file. John was looking for someone to do just that with a short guitar arrangement he had written. As soon as I heard that piece of music, I was hooked. Despite being in the music business for most of my working life, and hearing countless numbers of artists, this was the first time I was really touched by the emotion and feel of the playing on this short piece. Thus began an internet correspondence that, after another couple of tunes, led to my suggestion that we should do some recording together. Our very first session produced a master of that initial tune, called "The Gift of Friendship", so it seemed most appropriate that the album it grew into should be called "Friends". The music on the album is very diverse in genre, but regardless of the genre, John has a style that exudes warmth, gentleness and love. No matter what I do in the production of the songs, this style surfaces to create a sound which is both interesting and relaxing. It is the kind of music you can listen to at any time. Whether you want to unwind after a hard day's work; tap your feet to the rhythms; or hum the melodies; you'll find a strong case for each within the songs on this album. Moreover, this is a concept album. A collection of observations regarding the value of friendship....and some of the consequences that may arise when a friendship breaks down. Here on this site, you have the chance to hear a preview of all the songs on the album. Visit John's official website, for more details or to place an order. Lynn Monk (Producer)
Band/artist history
I've been writing songs for many years, mainly for my own enjoyment. I never thought anything would come of them. Of course, meeting Lynn has changed all that. I'm really pleased with the way my music has turned out. Lynn has convinced me that it is marketable...not in the sense of a major chart hit, of course, but we are confident that a significant number of people will like it. Getting it within earshot of those people is gonna be the biggest hurdle though. The album has taken over 4 years of our spare time. We have recorded it all at Lynn's home studio using a rather basic PC setup. Pretty good results for a 16 bit soundcard! We are now working on songs for the second album! We already have at least half a dozen songs recorded that we could use. So hopefully, you wont have to wait quite so long for the next release!
Anything else?
Yes! ... We'd like to thank our dear friend, artist Stephen Elliott, for allowing us to use one of his drawings as the cover art.