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You Name Our Band
You Name Our Band
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we combine the rhythmic intensity of 70’s garage with a modern indie rock feel. Reminiscent of the Clash, Supergrass, Jeff Buckley, and Hendrix, the band’s mus
Jason and I are musicians, and like most musicians, there comes a time at one point in their career when the musicians (us) have to reach out to their fans (you) and ask for some help. Because no matter what may happen in-between, at the end of the day it's the fans, the people who believe in you, in the music, that makes you in this business.
Band/artist history
In a nutshell, this whole thing started in 1999, when I met Jason. We began to write songs together and soon we formed our first band. We began to play locally, coffee houses, churches, summer camps anywhere we could; before we knew we were signed with a local indy label, Circle Productions. With Circle we recorded our first songs, we toured the east coast, and began work on our first full album. Before we could finish however, the label went under. Disillusioned, Jay and I decided to try our luck in California. After 3 years, things did not go well, so we made it back home, barely... In 2005 we took a another crack at it, I contacted some friends that i had played with and we formed the band "Paper Treason". things were off and running, everything was clicking and we cut our first record in 2006. 10 tracks, some songs I had written years ago, and some new. We were really happy with the record, we put everything we had into it, including all of our money. After a year and a half of playing gigs in Miami, and getting close to deals and then losing them, going through line up changes, ups and downs, and everything, "Paper Treason" called it quits. Which brings us here...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
currently we are preparing for our next record and searching for the rest of the band members. We love playing live, and seeing the crowd sing along to our songs, it's an amazing feeling.
Your musical influences
We have many influences, some of the major ones are Radiohead, The Beatles, Queen, Elbow, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, U2 to name a few.
What equipment do you use?
I play a fender Telecaster Deluxe and a vintage ampeg gemini. Jason uses a Gibson Les Paul custom, and a fender thinline, through a deluxe reverb amp and hot rod deluxe. We used many different combinations of amps and vintage guitars on the record.
Anything else?
You see, I''m a musician, a dreamer... and I can't be anything else, I just don't know how. I believe in the music, and I believe that I can be great, and my band can be great. So now, I want to ask you to help us get there!
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