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Freedom Danish
Freedom Danish
Vancouver, Canada
March 21, 2007
Electronic, supersonic, gypsies. Cut chemists, freedom fighters and peaceniks; Freedom Danish is an eclectic aural tonic for the 21st century. Freedom Danish combines flavours old and new, circus midget tossing fire breather deejay JFK and introduces to the world a fresh new face, Miss Southern Fried Sally. Her sultry, sexy electro robot babe presence is a charming mix of wisdom and mystery. Freedom Danish is circus boy meets bad ass ninja girl. Together they sport an impressive resume of hundreds of choice gigs across North America for the last decade, most notably headlining in New York City, Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia, and Halifax to Vancouver. Sultry electro house, super funky breaks and stompin' contagious dance music motivates the masses whenever and wherever Freedom Danish touches down.
Band/artist history
Board Review www.fnk.ca Vancouver, BC Canada, February 2007 This is most definately the best mix I've listened to in 2007 so far. Serious groovage going on right about now. Loving the funk, the Bassnectar, and THANK YOU for introducing me to breakbeatbuddha. God damn! Your mixing is tight too, bruva. Really digging this. It's doing a doobie justice. Media Boardwalk Magazine Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 2004 Web review BC, Canada " fuck yeah love this shit!." Fan review Ottawa, Canada "O H. MY. GOD." Web review Coquitlam, BC, Canada " Stellar mix! I love the grungy electro on this one." Fan review Toronto, Canada "Jorah Kai is the crrraaaazzzziiieeesssst muthafuckin dj this planet has seen! Props to the King of Kaicore!" Web review Vancouver, Canada " loooovin it! this is a must download." Media Ottawa Citizen Fan review Ottawa, Canada "Kai helped me experience a fluidity with the music I had never felt before...I kept going off as crazy tensions were built up and broken down inside my mind.. closest i've ever come to purely psychic orgasms.." Fan review Ottawa, Canada "F**k babe there really is no way that I can describe the way you make me and hundreds of others trip every time I.. we see you spin or listen to your mixes. You are truely an incredible guy, awsome vibes comin out all ova the place" Media OttawaStart - Your daily guide to Ottawa on the web (( link )) ...for almost a decade, Jorah Kai has been synonymous with big vibe shows and underground music events all across Canada and some major stops in the U.S.A.He has played every style of electronic music professionally and battled against some of the biggest names in the industry both at home and from coastal Vancouver to the ghettos of Brooklyn, NYC.When he plays with LOVENBODYPARTS his goal is to set the mood for their futuristic flavour with big beat breaks and hard hitting drum & bass. He will be accompanied by some of the cities best underground MCs who will pump you up for a rock-n-rave revolution. Show up early, and get ready to dance! Show up early, and get ready to dance! Fan review Ottawa, Canada "Jorah Kai vs. Dominik Anyone, whether they like hardcore or not, who saw these two madmen spin at Tryptamine Dream will agree that the set was incredible. Records were smashed as they mixed up a frenzy of mindnumbing beats and melodies and the crowd was crazy (I don't know if there was a lot of dancing, but I couldn't even see the back of the huge crowd of people). (If i'd had one, and didn't have to be so quick on the lighting board, I would have just held a lighter in the air the whole time to save the energy). I think that Kai should really be applauded for not only being a technical wizard when it comes to mixing, but for having his own style and sticking to it. Kaicore is somewhere in between happy-hardcore, south park in a blender, rotterdam and jungle, but for some odd reason it works. His style really stands out and it's refreshing to see a DJ that breaks the mold. Seeing these two crazy DJs bouncing up and down, going crazy as they made lightning fast stabs with the cross-fader, was awe inspiring. I'm sure that anyone at TD will agree that this set will not soon be forgotten, but A RE-MATCH IS IN ORDER!!! 'Nuff Respect" Media Tribe Magazine (( link )) ...Jorah Kai (hey isnt he playing the other party too?)... Fan review Toronto, Canada "Whats up Jorah!... you totally rocked it at Synergy back in November. I made my way up to Ottawa (from TO) with Satori and Kid Epic and i was expecting them to own things uplifting trance wise but shit man.. your set blew me away! Good trance dj's are so rare that its extremely nice to watch someone totally please the crowd with some sweetass melodic trance. I was very impressed." Fan review Ottawa, Canada "Tryptamine Dream. A Review. God damn absolutely fanfuckingtastic party. Crowd size: Perfect. Ample room to dance and move around. Lighting: Best I've ever seen in my whole life. Especially upstairs. Jorah Kai vs. Dominik: Best set I've ever lost 8 litres of sweat to. 2 days later and I'm still limping. Security: Non-obtrusive, except for shining maglites directly into people's eyes every once in a while. Piggies: Non-existent. (yay) Temperature: Nice and infernal and sweaty. I know most peeps hate hot parties, but I'm just cold-blooded I guess. Overall: a 9999999 out of 10"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
LOVE playing live, based out of Canada so have only to date played across Canada and some limited shows in the USA. Hoping to travel the world soon and spread our love.