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Alternative pop, soft-rock and country songs by Oleg Ivaniloff - HighLands46 music
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I Can't Go On Without You (English cover)
An attempt to record a cover version after an original Russian lyrics eponimous megahit titled "Ya Ne Mogu Bez Tebya" performed by Valery Meladze
Fall Is Shaking Wires (English cover)
What You Are (Cosa Sei English Lyrics Cover)
It's Been Exactly Love
It s Been Exactly Love is a cover after Dima Bilan, a pop singer's originally Russian song. I just made some English lyrics to have been put on music. Enjoy it! Thanks for your likes and shares, guys!
Into This World
a totally acoustic song composed and performed in a free alternative acoustic guitar style.
The songs by HighLands46 project represented on this website don't originate from or correspond to any certain music style, but most of them sound like alternative ballads of love feellings and fallings :) Perhaps it's gonna be one more music band around the top. All the songs were written and entirely produced by myself, Oleg Ivaniloff. My motto is "Water rubs down stones!" Feel free to write me or make your calls with any sort of offers.
Band/artist history
Yes, HIGHLANDS46 history ain't be a long story. One songwriter showed me this great webspace, where I decided to try otu what had been my desire for quite a long time. That was in June, 2003. No current links for official website yet. My personal appologies for the fact! :) There soon will be one.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I use my synthesizer and guitar for playing live, though unplugged versions undoubtedly have their charm. But Grand Piano is at the top of other instruments 4 me as being the first and the last I'm quite sure to consider "God's Telephone". I can play grand piano for the whole day with no gettin' really tired.
Your musical influences
OK, I enjoy listening to the variety of styles, not adiction to some certain branches of music, as follows: Frank Sinatra, John Bonjovi - right at the top of my interests, John Coltrain jazz, George Michael pop music, Aerosmith - especially their love ballads, Bruce Dickenson & Iron Maiden, J.J.Kail blues, Eric Clapton - From the Craddle, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and many more, who have always inspired me to create my own music for HIGHLANDS46 project. Apart from all the gentlemen listed above, I'm influenced by ordinary people and things, whose actions background wouldn't leave anyone indifferent... More influences? Weather outside, movies, my wife and son, anyone else, who ever makes this world go round.
What equipment do you use?
YAMAHA PSR-295, EVOLUTION MK-149 MIDI keyboard + SHURE SM-58 mic., Acoustic Guitar made by Samara Musical Instruments' Factory (Russia), HP notebook.
Anything else?
In general, interviews aren't really my cup of lipton. Stop reading, start listening!
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