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The Reign (Feat Joe Caravella)
The Reign (Feat Joe Caravella)
Flushing, NY  USA
March 15, 2007
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Formed AsThe Reign By Joe Caravella & Lenny Kibanoff in 1985 Have had a fairly Long run in the club curcit in The Tri-state Area Although Currently undergoing Some personel Changes at This time The Band is continueing to record it's debut cd Joe Caravella Guitar /Lead vocals/Bass/keyboards With the help of some musical friends Chip Z'Nuff (Of The Band Enuff Z'nuff)(Who is Co- producing) , John Orestano , Rob Mayer , Marc Fox, Lenny Kibanoff, Frank Persico
Band/artist history
It dates back to 1985 when we started as The Reign, With Co-founders Joe & Lenny There have been many name Changes over the years for brief spans but always returned to The Reign Our Current Line up is as Follows Joe Caravella -Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards/Percussion Frank Persico - Guitar/Vocals Ben Laffin - Rose -Bass/Vocals Rob Postrel - Drums/Vocals have had many members over the years some are dead some are Living & we Love Them all In The R.I.P section Sharron Bien (Bass/BV's) Played Bass for us (1993-94/2000-2001) Richard DeMarco (Bass) Played Bass for us (1985-1993/ 1994-95) Member who have moved On to much green-errr Pastures (Record Deals) Craig Aspen (Lead Guitar) (The Believers) (1983-84) John Orestano (Drums) (now With Action Toolbelt) (2000-2001/ 2009) Evan Silverman (Bass) (Made 3 albums with the Rosenbergs) (1995) David Leitner (Bass) (Red House Painters) (2003) Rob Mayer (Lead Guitar) (Currently with Dave Shaw on Perris Records) (2004-2006) Jason Martin (Drums) (returned To his original band 'Sudden Fear") (2000) Marc Fox(Guitar/Vocals) (The Revivers) (1994-2008) Other Members who get the shout out John Cain (Bass/Vocals) (Curently with Pimpasaurus) 1983-85/ 1986 /2000 Kim Crawford (Guitar/Vocals) (Now With The band "New London) (1987-1988) Linda Paczkowski (Keyboards/Vocals) (1989-1991) Jim O'Connell (Lead Guitar)1987-1988 / 1990-1991) Hope Parisi (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) (1993-1994) George (St. James) Santriago (Guitar/Vocals) (1992) Nick Bruno (Bass) (1992) Billy Hintz (Keyboards) (1987-1989) Marianne Casiolli (Bass) (1987-1988) Paul Vario (Bass) (1991 / 1998) Thats all for Now if I remember any more I'll Update LMAO
Have you performed in front of an audience?
After almost a decade of not performing Live The reign returned to teh stage in Oct 2014 & have been touring steadly since
Your musical influences
Crisco & Twinkies, Just kidding everything from The Beatles , Myracle Brah , Redd Kross ,The Cure , Pernice Brothers, Badfinger ,The Raspberries, Big Star ,Enuff Z'Nuff , The Hollies , The Zombies , Cheap Trick , Hunk , The Honeydogs, Todd Rungren , Elvis Costello , Marshall Crenshaw , Matthew Sweet , The Sweet, The Move , Electric Light Orchestra ,The Posies,XTC,Bon Jovi , Bee Gees, Kiss ,AC/DC, Hell pretty Much everyone If It's good it Inspires us
What equipment do you use?
We use what we use , Joe Caravella Uses Vox Amplifiers , Rickenbacker Guitars, Eppiphone Guitars , Fender Guitars & Martin & Washburn Accoustics ,
Anything else?
The reign will be comng to a venue near you so Go to our Facebook page To keep u to date on all our doings becoem a fan & buyOur music off itunes as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/116636661752568/ https://www.facebook.com/The-Reign-Feat-Joe-Caravella-120768594653649/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-long-wait/id842707482 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ep-ep/id1135462081 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/2-354-miles-single/id1052304915 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/killing-an-arab-single/id897386859
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