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Steel Bluestone
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One More Day
Kind of an eccentric ballad with some heavier punches in the chorus.
Nagging Thoughts
Steel Bluestone was created in 1998 in Hamilton. Members are Ang Bianco-lead guitar. Leigh Gonder-Vocals and acoustic guitar. Chris Inrig-drums and Mark Squires on Bass. Occasional vocal input from Beth Gonder for CD. Our CD is 'Nagging Thoughts' Originally a demo but destined to do greater things. A very 'live' approach to recording. Very little effects so that when you hear us live there are no suprises. Original Lyrics and basic songs on cd from Leigh Gonder and Mark Squires. Live.....we do a song written by Ang Bianco. All Leigh's songs on the CD arranged by Steel Bluestone in their respective instruments. We stuck to original material, which seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed via the McMaster Radio station as we placed on their top 10 charts twice, and they had us in for a couple interviews and to play live on the radio. Mohawk College had us on their station as well as interviewed us for our cd release prep. As the only chik in the band...I gotta say that I had the coolest, hottest guys to hang out with and we had some great arguments with great make up sessions!!!!!!!!!! We kick serious butt with live gigs and our creativity can be heard in all songs. ENJOY! Let us know who you are so we can hit your tunes toooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Leigh
Band/artist history
The band started way back in the day of the late 90's. It's as simple as this. Once upon a time a girl(Leigh) plays solo gigs.....asks her best friend's husband(Chris) to play percussion in her 'folky' type of style. He agrees and hangs out with her for a bit. He suggests music be put to a full band style. Girl says "as if" (not thinking her music fit a rock band style) but then hears that these 3 guys have been playing since they were teens and are super tight together so she agrees to try it out. First victim was bass player guy(Mark) and then poor lead guitarist(Ang) was dragged in. So you see....it's really the drummer's idea to get the band going. The band was a hit.....after only a couple of months playing..we had gigs, New Year's eve gigs and requests to open for other bands in London and Toronto. We stuck to original material.which made it harder to get gigs as the typical roadhouse places want covers. SOOOOOOOOOOO many times girl(Leigh) wanted to give in and do covers but the guys were like.....'no way....we're in it for the music so let's stay true to our vibe' .....................to be continued.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Keep checkin....you never know where we'll be ...
Your musical influences
yikes....ummmm.... I'll let the guys pitch this part....
What equipment do you use?
my acoustic baby is a Gibson Epiphone...as for the guys...you'll have to ask them.
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