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Shayde Est.1988
Shayde Est.1988
1 Top 100
33 Tracks
The Best Of D.C
In My Feelings (Remake)
Peak in sub-genre #78
Amongst The Walking Dead (Freestyle)
DNA Remix
Shayde (pronounced as shade) is a Washington D.C native, born and raised. He is a prolific artist and writes his own lyrics. He aspires to reach minds and to bring out the greatness in others as he defines what he see's going on in the world today. His metaphorical content underlines the facts about race, life, culture and truth in general. Shayde is not like the average artist, he delivers a humble minded in all cases good or bad. He keeps in mind that people aren't always adherent to particular truths when one may not research or do diligence in studying topics such as religion, culture and knowing who and what we are in this world so he brings it to you in an unorthodox musical format. His conscious style relates both to the streets and the geeks. He does his best to bring you the best of both worlds in order to bridge the gap of lyricism and style of today's standard of music. Now just sit back, smoke a blunt, pour up, or if you don't do any of that lay back and listen to his tracks you may be surprised at what you learn. Enjoy
Band/artist history
"I started from the bottom now I'm here, Never thought I could make it, But that ain't what my music saying to your ear/ I'm Bout to be the best to ever do it, Bout to take the game over like I failed, N had to re-do it/"- Shayde; Carrier 11 The Mixtape; Track 9; Always Mixtape can be found @ http://soundcloud.com/shaydeest1988 Available For Listen For Free
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes At Local Clubs and Open Mics.
Your musical influences
The people who've changed the game in a honest and creative new way.
What equipment do you use?
Home Studio, Recording Microphone, Pro Tools, MPC, HP Envy Beats Featured. The basics.
Anything else?
Just Ask
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