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Chris Medway
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CHRIS MEDWAY: WATCH OUT! MUSIC Christian children kids praise, worship and theatrical songs. Strange & Beautiful, Weird & Wonderful music
Hello, and welcome to Chris Medway's WATCH OUT! Music page on Soundclick where you will find fun and creative music for kids aged 0 to 200. So turn on the Soundclick music player, turn up yo' speakers, grab anything within reach that remotely resembles an instrument and let's jam......... CHRIS MEDWAY is a Christian composer/ songwriter/ musician/ producer from Devon, UK. For the past 3 years Chris has toiled away to create for you....... **NEW CD** "ALL ABOARD THE HEAVEN EXPRESS" Using quirky but catchy Biblically-based songs, inspired arrangements, atmospheric sound effects and train announcements, all lightly spiced with (questionable) humour, Chris has created a fun and evocative CD for all kids aged 0 to 200. Woo-Hoo. So climb aboard the Heaven Express and be taken on an electrifying musical tour calling at exciting stations to Heaven Central. Another Woo Hoo. This CD will brighten up your day at any time but if you press play at around 10:13 a.m. then you can even experience the journey in real time. Woo-Hoo again. Chris' music is often described as colourful, eclectic and theatrical. Click on the 'music' thingy above and play some music to see why. Two of Chris' children's songs, "If you know God's love" and "O, Give thanks to the Lord" were published and recorded by Kingsway Children's Ministry with Ishmael and have been used in kids worship many times. Also of interest: The hitherto unreleased demo CD from Chris' stage musical about Daniel raised many eyebrows due to witty lyrics and intricate instrumentation. Some crazy and beautiful songs from the musical can be found here. It's a roar. ### The Heaven Express will be coming to a station near you, so WATCH OUT! ### View my page on myCCM.org
Band/artist history
1995-96: co-wrote a stage musical 'Visions of Daniel' with Trevor Howard of www.trevorlution.co.uk. My solo compositions included 'Come on Down', 'Belshazzar (the great?)', 'By the Waters' and 'Superiority Complex'. 1996-99: The musical was shelved in favour of writing congregational worship songs, many of which were used in the local churches, including the extremely popular 'Soaring like an Eagle'. 2001-02: The songs 'If you know God's love' and 'O Give thanks' were recorded and published by Inshmael/ Kingsway Music. 2002-04: Resurrected the Daniel Musical as a solo project, which included the new songs 'Watch Out!' and 'Dance til You Drop Contest'. 2004: 'By the Waters' and 'Watch Out!' (from Daniel) were performed at Sterts Theatre. The musical was again shelved as theatre group were unable to continue. 2006: Began a writing series of children's songs and lead these in Sunday School and in church to popular acclaim, including the extremely popular 'Love the Lord Your God', 'Jesus said I am the Way' and the stomper 'I'm a Jesus Fan'. 2007: Working on children/family worship/theatrical CD project 'Heaven Express'.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES and NO. Explain: YES, I've lead worship, particularly children's church which means bouncing like a tigger, violently strumming my guitar trying to generate enthusiasm amongst kids who stare blankly back at me. NO, I've not done a live show. On the studio recordings, I play all the instruments myself and work alone without a band (everyone say "ahhhhh"). DANIEL STAGE MUSICAL: This is intended to be performed on stage by people who can actually sing. The demo recordings here are of my voice multitracked many times . The songs "WATCH OUT!" and "BY THE WATERS" have been performed in theatre but not the musical in its entirety.
Your musical influences
My main influence is God's own creation. I look around and see vibrtant colour, diversity in design and technical detail and try to apply this in my music. I am simply influenced by my creator. Specifically: Children's/praise lyrics influenced by Ishmael, Graham Kendrick and Noel Richards. Theatrical music influenced by Sparks, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz plus songs I hear on the better kids TV programmes such as The Muppets, lazy Town or Veggie Tales. Instrumentation influenced by Vangelis, Kitaro, Tchaikovsky, Sparks, Prokofiev, Philip Glass and mixing rock with various world music styles and instruments. [As Inspector Cluseau might say: I am influenced by everything and influenced by nothing]
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk Sonar 6 Producer digital audio workstation, Many virtual instruments and synths, Zampona panpipes, wooden and tin whistles Nylon and steel string acoustic guitars, Westone Thunder II Electric guitar, Kazoo, (I'm a virtuoso on the Kazoo!), Windchimes and various toy instruments and percussion, Anything within reach that makes a noise.... AND that stick which I'm playing in the photo - maan, what a sound that makes.
Anything else?
CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE WWW.CHRISMEDWAYMUSIC.COM Please contact me if you'd like lead sheet music or backing tracks to any songs for use in your church, Sunday school or theatre etc. []__n____rr_ (_________! ALL ABOARD THE HEAVEN EXPRESS /oo OOO oo ###################################################################### WOO-HOO
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