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The Hoochie Coochie Band ........................................ Take four talented musicians where their music has a strong Alternative Rock influence ove
Mojo Morgan's Hoochie Coochie Band ........................................ Take four talented musicians where their music has a strong Alternative Rock influence overlayed with their own original ideas. A band whose every live performance is a powerful energetic mixture of Alternative Rock giving 100% Members of the band are. Mojo Morgan, vocals. Vince guitar and vocals. Mr Chilli, bass and vocals. Aj, drums and vocals. Mojo Morgan's Hoochie Coochie Band without doubt one of the most exciting new bands to emerge onto the UKs Alternative Rock scene. Their combination of brilliant musicianship, professionalism and amazing showmanship makes HCB one of the best bands around. Perfect for any Rocking venue, Festival or Party. The Pembrokeshire's HOOCHIE COOCHIE BAND is all about having fun with their music, and their audience, while raising money for good causes, just like any true band should be. We look forward to seeing you at forthcoming gigs or receiving an email from you. If you would like to contact me, and discuss the possibility of The Hoochie Coochie's, making your party one to remember, phone Mojo Morgan on 07969-327-502, or more info on http://www.myspace.com/mojomorgan39shoochiecoochieband http://coventrymusichistory.vox.com/library/post/mojo-morgan-and-john-alderson---exclusive-live-blues-track.html http://coventrymusichistory.vox.com/library/post/hoochi... http://www.reverbnation.com/mojomorgan http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view... http://www.myspace.com/hoochiecoochieband http://www.bebo.com/hoochiecoochie52 http://hearusplay.com/hearusplay/runtime/links.asp?bandid=4369 or email me on hoochiecoochie52@aol.com
Band/artist history
TONY MOJO MORGAN Born in Coventry,West Midlands in 1952. Bass player for 30 years, in lots of bands around the Midlands. I played in a band called E.M.F. a ska band,and played all over the country supporting many bands.The Specials,Bad Manners,The Beat,Body Snatchers,and many more. I started a band with the legendary Johnny Slide, called The Travelling Riverside Blues Band, playing all the universities around Britian,supporting Paul Jones Blues Band,Dr Feelgood,Tony Mcphee's Band=ex Groundhogs,Stan Webb=ex Chicken Shack,and many more. I allso played in a drunken Rock & Roll Band called Sammy Earthquake and the Volcanoes with Roddy Byers from the Specials,and a good time was had by all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NIK WINTERTON Born & raised just outside Croydon in South London,back in the days before colour. First picked up a guitar in early teens,after listening to Hendrix. By mid-teens, playing playing in a variety of local bands covering everything from punk & heavy rock through to rockabilly revival,switching from guitar to bass at need. Spent the latter part of the 70s & early 80s endlessly touting round the pubs &clubs of S.London & Surrey. Fast forward to 90s-Moved to Swansea,where met long-term partner Andrea,a top-flight vocalist. Re-located to Pembrokeshire and formed THE BARFLYS with Andrea and Steve Williams ( JUSTICE DONE ) on the drums. This band,with several line-up changes,lasted over ten years and played regulaly all over West Wales After this played with JUSTICE DONE for a 6-month stint as 2nd guitarist. Later played Bass in the original CHANCERS line-up,working with Simon Pettit for the first time Another combo with Andrea & Steve next-RIPTIDE,with Simon joining us on guitar,Ritchie Joseph on bass & Ellie Rees singing backup,this band is still working More recently,have been providing bass & backing vocals for rocknroll maniacs SILVERTONGUE,fronted by Milford wildman Andrew "Charlie" Cameron who have been storming round the county for the last 18 months. Now-bass & backing vocals with the MOJO MORGAN'S NEW HOOCHIE COOCHIE BAND. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIMON PETTIT Born in Pembrokeshire,started playing guitar after listening to my dads records.He always wanted a red one! Played in lots of village halls, started to take it a bit more seriously after moving to London. Joined a number of student bands, pubs on the Mile End road have never got over it. Returned to Pembrokeshire and played with Deuce, Right Hand Drive, the Vultures and The Chancers! Recently completing a tour Holland with the Canine Beauticians. Still twanging guitar with Riptide. Have always wanted to play in a blues band with attitude -- Life is complete !
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have a lot of bookings comming like The Tenby Blues Festival, The Celtic Blue Rock Festival, and The Newton Beer Festival plus lots of Bikers Parties, and lots of music pubs.
Your musical influences
The all great Blues , Jazz, and Rock players of this world
What equipment do you use?
All soughts.
Anything else?
Press and Emails. BLUES HIGHWAY ....... Thanks to everyone who made it to the club on Saturday evening for the Hoochie Coochie Band double set. It was a pleasure to see audience and band alike enjoying themselves to the extent where we had people on the floor bopping. If I had to pick out a highlight it would be their rendition of the classic The Hoochie Coochie Man. I didn't think it was possible to better the original but for my money they did. The guys remarked at the end of the first set that it was a treat to play for such a knowledgeable and appreciative audience, pat yourselves on the back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pembrokes Western Telegraph --Mojo Morgan's Hoochie Coochie Band -- Fishguard Arms, Haverfordwest. It is often overlooked that pubs as music venues are the live blood and thriving bedrock of the local music community.On arriving at Fishgurd Arms to sample some Cleddau Delta blues, The Hoochie Coochie Band,in unplugged mode,struk up with Dog On Heat,the first of many self-penned numbers by charismatic frontman Mojo Morgan. The band's first set was mellow with reflective blues,sometimes tentative,sometimes strident,as the songs took off on their own journeys-but one of them was called Train Girl after all.Even the front man was different in this unplugged setting-he was seated,playing guitar,his signature shades were nowhere to be seen and his trademark ponytail had been replaced by a cropped more sprightly looking coiffure.But normal Hoochie Coochie service was soon resumed as lead guitarist Vince informed us,in his introduction to the song they are named after,that there is a long lineage of hoochie coochie men from Muddy Waters and Howlin'Wolf to Pembrokeshire's Mojo Morgan. With guitar and stool put aside and shades finally donned,the magnetic persona was firmly in place for there second set,which saw the band on firmer and more familiar territory,with a carbon copy of The Hoochie Coochie's main set,but played acoustically. Mojo's voice hits the spot when he howls and growls tantalisingly as on his timeless rendition of Help Me,as well as other steaming classics such as Parchment Farm,St James Infirmary and Stormy Monday. And all the while aided and abetted by the rest of the Hoochie Coochie's. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John from Tenby. When the music started you guys just blew me away! so much energy!...definitely best band in South West Wales!"The band went on stage at 9.30pm did an acoustic set then fueled with passion and energy proceeded to 'rock the joint' with vibes that warrant 9.9 on the richter scale. All songs in their first set were locked together without pause, Only after one of their own numbers " Black Woman Blues " did the band take a three minute break while the audience roared with applause as they caught their breath. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mojo Morgan's Hoochie Coochie Band. Look out for our appearance in early 2006 on Granada Television's "Life Roulette" - we somehow managed to become the subject of a dodgy reality television swap program due to be aired at peak time on ITV in January, friends of ours Craig & Kiran were traded in for a billionaire and his missus, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE COOL HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN ............................. All I can say is that this is an exceptional band and they give it everything from start to finish with a brilliant mix of music. I am not sure if it was 3 or 4 encores now, but they were top notch right up to the time that they pulled the plugs and said goodnight. Great show boys..........Fishguard Arms,Haverfordwest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NIK WINTERTON, EX BASS PLAYER WITH THE HOOCHIE COOCHIE BAND. thought for the day-how about putting that good black voice of yours onto some Robert Johnson or Willie Dixon numbers...? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hoochie Coochie Band are a regular feature on Pembrokeshires pub circuit, have supported R & B legends, Dr. Feelgood and traded blows with Pembrokeshires Justice Done in the Face-Off at the Queens Hal, Narberth.THE BLUES are coming to Tenbys De Valence. A night full of rhythm and a lot of soul. The Hoochie Coochie Band came into existence in the last year of the previous millennium headed by Tony Mojo Morgan after his local success with the Mojo Roadshow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter, Haverfordwest. Caught up with the band for the first time,at the Fishguard arms last friday. Great band, thoroughly enjoyed every minute. entertainment for everybody, go out and find them -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Big Apple Credits We saw you guys in the Queens Hall last Friday for Sickofanctic. You guys were really good instrumentalists and entertainers. Really cool guys. Come to the Queens Hall on the 22nd July to see good bands like we did when we saw you. Peace out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOJO SINGI'N THE BLUES Frontman theatricals set in stone as Mojo led the Hoochie Coochie Band on stage. Wearing shades that shouted I'm a blues singer,.......Bikers Festival,Stackpole....Biker Mag..Ireland . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE QUEENS HALL. http://www.narberth.co.uk/content/community/venues/queens/bands/hoochieJustice.htm HOOCHIE COOCHIE BAND AND JUSTICE DONE. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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