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A Renaissance and Visionary in Hip Hop music!!!! **RHYTHM AND HOP**
Stay tight 09
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THe way she was
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Thank you for taking the time to get know us here at Stockton Music Group. Your time is appreciated. I would like to introduce to you, the NEW and INNOVATIVE sound in South Texas. I give you; The Northern Kings!!! Formed during the summer of 2008, this duo has been working together since 2007. With J.Stokes as the Producer and Theory as the Artist. Theory quickly adapted to J.Stokes' style of production and after many months of questioning a collaborative effort album, they decided to join forces. The result? A sound so new and different from any other Hip-Hop artists or groups in South Texas. They call it.... Rhythm and Hop. A result of both of their styles seamlessly blended and cooked up for a revolution in music. Bobby Porter aka "Theory" First captivated by hip-hop in the mid 80's and then led to the art of spoken word in the early 90's, this Midwestern native was born and raised on the Westside of Chicago. Theory spent his time in the streets, where he earned his stripes in life. He also learned some hard lessons after being convicted of a felony at an early age and serving several years in prison. The result of such a lesson has made him into a person who fully understands "decision"..."consequence". Theory, when delivering his lyrics to the public, states that he "sounds like no one, but speaks for everyone". Formerly a part of Still Starvin Records, Theory has made numerous appearances on mix tapes and in showcases in the Chicagoland area. Now relocated in San Antonio, TX, he is ready to shake things up and pursue his dream in music and achieving greatness. Jonathan Stockton aka "J.Stokes" Fresh from Seattle,WA by way of Portland,OR, this Pacific Northwestern native prides himself on being a father first. Due to his adverse feelings toward sleep, he is a self proclaimed proud insomniac with multiple personalities. One playing Producer (J.Stokes) and the other being all business (Jonathan Stockton). Though he loves hip hop, he claims his "soul belongs to r&b". He states, "the less equipment you have, the more creative you are required to be". But even with minimal equipment, J.Stokes' ability to seamlessly blend R&B hooks over some of the most gritty hip hop tracks is making other south texas producers cry foul. While Jonathan Stockton is a highly ambitious entreprenuer with infectious and contagious energy and incomparable drive. After spending a year with Tejas Records as an engineer and soaking up knowledge on the business , he is determined to guide his label into his "Ultimate Vision" and ultimately achieve success and Victory. Stockton Music Group aka "SMG" Stockton Music Group was created in 2008 with the artist that has no desire to join the majors in mind. With plans to dominate entire regions, they bring a new sound which leaves most southerners puzzled because it sounds nothing like music from the southern states. It's a tasteful mixture of breakbeat inspired tracks that are blended with soul infused r&b flavor. Alas.... Rhythm and Hop!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playin some shows here and there, you know its the beginning. Stokes is always running around like some fucking maniac tryin to do everything from promotion, recording, mixing, post production ect.
Your musical influences
I LOVE STRINGS!!!! And I like that piano too- Maybe some bells...... Yeah, I really like those Bells... But definately STRINGS!!!! Musical Influences include but are not limited to; Old 60's-70's soul!! R&B Music- REAL R&B Music like Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu you know, the good stuff!! Old school Hip Hop and people like Common, Mos Def. Jay Z plays a pretty big part. The music has also been influenced by other names in enres outside of Hip Hop and R&B, like Fort Minor, Linkin Park and even Korn. Pop music is changing as well and its having more of an edgy Hip Hop sound today than EVER before!!! Music merges and changes all the time all types of genres can and will influence you. I believe you must have a love for all music no matter the genre- You don't have to neccessarily listen to it just understand it. But the biggest and most undeniable influence in my music is ***PERSONAL EXPERIENCE*** No matter the genre or the artist- our music will always be REAL when you do it from your heart- AND YOU HAVE TO FUCKIN RESPECT THAT!!!!!!!
What equipment do you use?
Hardware consists of: A ridiculously beefed computer, A Presonus Firebox, MAudio Trigger Finger and a ShureSM57. As for software, we are running the latest and greatest version of FL Studio XXL Producer Edition. Adobe Audition 3, T-Racks 3 Deluxe. And Listening to it on the infamous and always great KRK RP8 Monitors!
Anything else?
Stay tuned for information on the first release of Stockton Music Group The Northern Kings- The Bridge! SINGLE IS NOW PLAYING ON OUR MUSIC PAGE AND ON MYSPACE ****FREE DOWNLOAD****
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