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The SymphOnyx
The SymphOnyx
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Progressive classical goth rock
Portuguese band that plays ethereal sounds with electric instruments and erudit parts with cellos and violins.
Band/artist history
When, in 1995, The SymphOnyx project took form, an increasing musical activity began with several moments of artistic expression, which had written the history of the band. Endowed with a very proper identity, this band always stirred up the curiosity of the critics and the public for the uncommon boarding that conferred to the mixture of two distinct worlds: the rock and the erudite. With the passing of the years, it resisted the trends and some alterations suffered in its line-up, to present itself, in 2005, with the first register of long duration, Opus 1: limbu, produced in the studios The Closet by Daniel Cardoso, succeeding two E.P. ' s: Psicofantasia (1997) and Utopia (2000). The current formation, composed by João Guimarães (voice), Carla Ricardo (voice), Martinho Torres (guitar), Jose Lemos (guitar), Carlos Torres (drums) and Tiago Abreu (bass guitar) bets, definitively, in a compact, original and current format that reaches its maximum exponent in a very unusual show, where seventeen intervenient, distributed by the electric sextet, string quartet, comedians, figurants and the technical team, explore the magic of the multi-artistic outlook of the project.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Often. Mostly in Portugal but we are trying to find a way to make a world tour, because we love to play live!
Your musical influences
Alternative, goth rock, progressive, metal guitars, Beehoven, Mozart, Prokofiev, Therion
What equipment do you use?
As a guitarist: ESP guitar, rocktron, ART.
Anything else?
be happy!