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Christopher Morse
Christopher Morse
2 Tracks
Acoustic singer/songwriter
Band/artist history
Christopher Morse Christopher Morse is an accomplished singer-songwriter whose acoustic flavors stir emotions and touch listeners in very three-dimensional ways, all the while providing music that is thoughtfully woven during the creative process and poignantly performed. Morse's musical skills enable him to affect audiences in ways only music played by top notch musicians can. Music brings out such a wide range of emotions that are sometimes too difficult and complex to put into words, says Morse. Nonetheless, Morse's lyrical skills are on a par with his ability to harness melody and construct songs that are instantly compelling and linger long in the mind's ear. From the Self Pop purveyor Morse finds the core of his emotionally intelligent songwriting by simply making artistic honesty a number one priority in the creative process. I really try to let who I am dictate what my music sounds like. Too many artists seek to create their voice instead of just letting their talent speak for itself. This is not the case with Morse, whose talent tells listeners that he is a smart songwriter who knows how to engage the audience melodies and musical craftsmanship that deserves wide attention and makes new fans out of first-time listeners all the time. Part of Morse's ethic also involves listening to one's self rather than kowtowing to the pushings and shovings of others who would dictate style. If one doesn't write from one's own soul, you start getting into doing what other people want you to do. Loyalty Loyalty must be exercised by musicians. But it's not just loyalty to fans. Ultimately, it's loyalty to self. And because Morse sticks to his guns he consistently turns out solid songs, laced with his unique imagery. I really like different wordings or images that we either don't hear often or take for granted. Morse's creative drive pushes him toward originality naturally; there's no pretense or conceit to it. Which is part of the reason why his music is as appealing as it is. There's no contrivance contaminating the creative pool. This is songwriting written unfiltered and undiluted from the heart. Work Discipline never hurts either. Morse is always at work on his music one way or another. This summer and fall he plans to be busy touring and sharing his songs with audiences. His writing is also nonstop. There are so many things to write about all the time ... I will be recording buckets of songs for my debut album this year. Morse is currently working with A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. Review Morse is bound to give the current batch of singer-songwriter popsters a big run for their money. - A&R Select
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live. It's the best thing about being a musician. I usually play at coffee shops, colleges, or cafes.
Your musical influences
John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Dave Barnes, Howie Day, James Taylor
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic guitar, and my voice. An amp and mic are nice to have for performances.