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Generation X feat. Farrakhan prod. by Dj Scandales
Lies feat. YoungDivaTess prod. Dj Scandales ( Radi
Dey Don't Know
High Octane
It's Nuthin'
FRICTION BIO 07 Scarface said "It's all in the eyes, Chico", but in this particular case it's all in the name FRICTION. Born & raised in Strong Island, NY, home of such legendary emcees such as Rakim, EPMD & Public Enemy to name a few, this underground emcee is bringing Lyricism, Creativity & Passion back to a region which has (in his words)"lost its swag". With the South dominating the charts as of late, New York has lost its identity reminiscent of the early 90's when the west coast reigned ova the airwaves. From the opening track (Furious Styles) of his debut mixtape "Pole Position", you can grasp this emcee's discontent with so-called corporate, political & religious leaders. In a spitfire style he raps: "It's already been decided, like Stari Decisis, Minorities contributions to this country are priceless, tighter than vice grips/ The noose is still around your necks, But now it's laced with diamonds & platinum baguettes, imagine what's next?? Within two bars he goes from discussing a US Supreme Court decision, to shedding light on the inequalities faced by minorities in this country, while describing self destructive tendencies of the youth in his own musical genre! FRICTION is conscious of every word he writes & the impact it has on the listening audience. So if you are looking for cars, rims, clothes, diamonds, guns, drug sales, degradation of women & jail bids, this artist is probably not for you. But if you want creative metaphors, multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, Intellectual, Spiritual & Political insight into some real issues plaguing our communities, then this is exactly the emcee you wanna check out! "Hip-hop = The Truth ....but hip-hop ova the past 7 years has been an ongoing masquerade party with a bunch of fake, corny well trained, corporate controlled coons, who sell gimmicks as well as their soul for fame!!" says Friction. "Hip-hop is the most truthful form of expression that exists on this planet. It has the ability to cross all racial/religious barriers and unite people all ova the world! Hip-hop is a movement. unclear of its destination, but a movement nevertheless. We must take control of the music, our communities & elect our own leadership to address the needs of Hip-Hop as a culture!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes ... NYC & StrongIsland. I enjoy the crowds reaction because ....I say things people only think about!
Your musical influences
Old School Hip-Hop when the music was about music & not about Business!!
What equipment do you use?
Alls I Need Is "One Mic"
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