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Daniel Weltlinger
8 Tracks
Jazz, Ethnic, Experimental
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Ahava Raba
Peak in sub-genre #61
Dog Chases Cat
Peak in sub-genre #18
'Daniel's Balcony' (Lulo Reinhardt)
Band/artist history
This is a site I have set up primarily for potential session recording work. My background is in Classical music although I work predominantly as a Jazz/World cross-over improviser. I completed a Bachelor of Music in 2001 studying primarily under the renowned pedagogue Janet Davies although I received extra tuition from the equally renowned pedagogues Chris Kimber and Wanda Wilkomirska along the way. For the past 15 years I have been highly active in the Australian and International World/Jazz music scene having toured extensively in my home country as well as in Europe, the US, China and Israel. Main Australian-based musical ensembles: "The Asthmatix" - experimental-hip hop quartet made up of violin/effects, keys/melodion/effects (Daniel Pliner) and scratching/vinyl tweaking by DJs Asparagus (Andre Mylnsky) and Mickey Morphingaz (Micha Walter) ''Kingston Avenue meets Utica, an instrumental mix of jazz and Jewish melodies combined with funk grooves, Chassidic children’s vinyl, turntablism and virtuosic playing.." "Zohar's Nigun" - kabbalistic inspired experimental-rock-jazz quartet made up of violin/vocals, piano (Daniel Pliner), drums/percussion (Alon Ilsar) and double bass (Simon Milman). "Four Jewish guys, four very different understandings of an ancient yet ever metamorphising culture and heritage.." Ensemble/Artist collaborations have included: Sydney Symphony Orchestra Australian Youth Orchestra Lulo Reinhardt Latin-Swing Project Ian and Nigel Date Edouard Bronson Monsieur Camembert Nadya and her 101 Candles Orkestra Fuego Lento Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra I Gitanos Mike and Moro Reinhardt Menino Swing de Gitanes Itamar Erez Miki Gavrielov Karsten Troike Alexey Krupsky Kevin Davy Bobby Singh Slava Grigoryan Joseph Tawadros Al Slavik Reuben Derrick On The Stoop Waiting For Guinness Mic Conway’s National Junk Band Zero Hour The Jews Brothers Virus Peppermint T Glass Doch Gypsy Orchestra Theatre credits with original score: 'Snugglepot and Cuddlepie' (Company B - Alan John) 'The Bourgeious Gentleman' (Sydney Theatre Company - Alan John) 'Gypsy Boy' (Theatre Of Image - David Chesworth) 'Sleeepless City' (Aerialise - Neill Duncan) 'Stone Sleeper' (Riverside Theatre Productions - Giga Jeleskovic) 'Kushti Box' (Riverside Theatre Productions - Giga Jeleskovic) Film, documentary and theatre soundtrack credits: Love My Way (Stephen Rae) The Underpants (Alan John) Uncle Chatzkel (Guy Gross) Peking To Paris (Roger Mason) The Cat That Walked By Himself (Peter Winkler) Meet The Waks Family (Neill Duncan) Various commercial recording work for Bruce Maginnis, Elliot Wheeler, Stephen Rae, Alan John, Ilan Kidron, Nylon Studios and Supersonic Studios. Renowned Australian classical composers I have closely worked with have included Aaron Symonds, Nigel Westlake and Mathew Hindson.
What equipment do you use?
-DPA 4099 Microphone (I have an endorsement with this great microphone company..) -AER compact 60-2 amplifier as well as an old 100 watt Trace Elliot acoustic amp.. -Fishman Pro-EQ Instrument Preamp/Equaliser -Vox Tonelab SE Pedal Unit -Lexicon Reverb Unit
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