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Wayne Law
Oberon, Australia
October 02, 2003
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Hey, My name is Wayne Law. I am a singer/songwriter specialising in Contemporary country music. I have won awards and critical acclaim for my work, but none of that really matters does it? Not until you decide for yourself any merit you may hear in my music. The way it should be.
Band/artist history
Wayne Law Singer / songwriter Wayne Law’s music is his biography; he has lived his songs and they paint a vivid picture for the listener to connect with. Born in Dubbo, Wayne’s early life took him to many parts of rural New South Wales. Today, he lives in Oberon, a farming and forestry community, with his wife, Jodie-Lea, daughter, Sara-Grace and son, Ethan Brooks Taylor. Yes, Ethan’s middle names are a nod to the influence of Garth Brooks and James Taylor on Wayne’s song writing and eventual career path. “I had not written one song until I heard the Garth Brooks/No Fences double album. I heard how intelligent, passionate and emotive, yet still real and honest, country music could be,” said Wayne. “ It unlocked something in me because within two months I had written my first album, ‘Small Town Dreamer’. Of course James Taylor’s work needs no explanation. I don’t see his style in my writing, I’m not that clever, but I would love to achieve something so full of atmosphere and imagery as ‘Copperline’ or ‘Enough To Be On Your Way’. I am a song writer, and proud of it, but some guys are just a cut above like J.T.” With his real country upbringing and listening to Charley Pride, Don Gibson, (who Wayne calls the ‘Master of the perfect 3 minute Pop-Country song’), Webb Pierce and now Garth Brooks and George Strait, Wayne has created his own distinct style of music that reflects his personality; honest, perceptive and down to earth. Wayne came to notice initially as a Star Maker and 1997 Best New Talent Golden Guitar Finalist. In 1998 he was awarded Best New Talent by the Victorian Country Music Association. Wayne was also inducted into the South Australian ‘Hands of Fame’ Park in 1999. In March of 2002, ‘The International Frank Ifield Spur’ Award was bestowed upon Wayne, which promotes the release of his music to over 800 radio stations across Europe and the United Kingdom, in May. Wayne is also the current Australian Independent Male Vocalist of the Year. Wayne’s brand new album, ‘Lessons’, already is receiving widespread critical acclaim; he was the only independent artist to gain a Top 10 nomination in both Male Vocalist and Album Of The Year at this year’s Golden Guitar Awards in Tamworth. He also picked up the T.I.A.R.A. for song writing. Not bad for a first time producer! Wayne has toured with and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Australian music including Slim Dusty, Billy Thorpe, Marcia Hines, Gina Jeffreys, James Blundell, Mental as Anything and Kasey Chambers & The Dead Ringer Band. He has a well-earned and well-respected reputation as a great performer and is recognised industry wide as one of the most gifted singer/songwriters in Australian Country Music today. Wayne has created a place in country music with his deep, insightful and forceful songs reflecting his experiences, while delivering them with passion and warmth in his high-energy performances. The award winning new single, ‘House Full Of Angels’, has just made the Top 5 nationally. A rare talent, Wayne Law is poised to make a huge impact on the Country Music world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As a songwriter, playing live is the final test of a new lyric and tune. I really enjoy the live experience. One of my special moments was performing in a natural amphitheatre in the middle of the desert in the South Australian Outback to about 3000 adventurous souls who braved the trek.
Your musical influences
I grew up listening to all kinds of country. From Jerry Reed to Charley Pride. Now my tastes and influences range from George Strait/Garth Brooks/Brad Paisley to James Taylor/John Mayer to Webb Pierce/Don Gibson as well as those mentioned already.
Anything else?
'Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself' - Erasmus This sad old world still has a lot of beauty. It begins with YOU and I to rid the world of those things we wish to be gone. Spread your light and love over all. Don't hold back. Who wants to be remembered as a cranky old fart? How you wish the world to be, free of racial intolerance, free of hatred, free for all to enjoy, truly does begin exactly at that point where you are right now.
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great tune!
Wayne, Great job you are doing! "I needed you more" is a terrific song. Has any USA artist recorded it yet? From the sound of your instrumentation and voice you must have recorded this in studio. If not, a great job for a home studio effort. Keep it up!
Hi Wayne! Thank you so much for adding me as a friend. Looking forward to hear from you. Please feel free to visit my bandpage and listen to some danish country-pop from my band, Lonerock. Cheers! Frank
Gday wayne, ive just signed up and came across your site .hope everything is going good for you ,kind regards phil
An absolute wow, how come I haven't seen ya before..and why haven't more people wrote you on the message board..geez.. Your great!