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Nine Livez
Nine Livez
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The Goth Emcee & T.I.T.A.N. Patriarch
Episode 1: Madd World
Ayo y'all wassup? The name's Nine Livez. I'm a emcee who ain't doin' this shit for money. My Mixtape's are all for free download on here. So check 'em out 'n tell me if you like 'em! Holla! CHYEAH! Add me on Myspace www.myspace.com/NineThaDeity
Band/artist history
Nine Livez started rapping when he was about, nine years old. Ever since he started he just couldn't stop, now he is the self proclaimed 'Prince Of The Midwest'. He was raised off of alot of music Native American,Soul,Rap,Hip Hop, Now a fan of all types of music he has grown into a great lyricist. But that was taught to him by himself. He never had any one around his Rez(reservation) help him write lyrics, Because there was never any one around that rapped. If there was he never knew of them, Growin' up in a racist cold world, Nine became the same as them but he crawled out of that state. Now he's as calm as ever, he will not mess with you if you do not mess with him. Nine Livez was tormented all his life about being fat for the first 12 years of his life he was never liked by kids. If it seemed like it he was being used for the shit he had. Nine Livez struggles with religion although he wants to be saved he is struggling with demons he thinks resides within him. Nine Livez recently cut off all connections with so-called 'friends' that cause him nothing but strife. He now sits in his room and writes he will visit with friends everynow and then. His insperations for music goes from old to new school from Kid 'N Play to Tupac, from Sugar Hill Gang to Chamillionaire, and so on. Nine Livez says he will never rap about money,cars,clothes,woman, or anything like that in his life not when we have a whole world full of stuff that needs to be changed. Nine Livez still searches to be the best Emcee, and hopfully grows to be the best. He wants to be taught by all the greats while they are still alive. Hopfully his quest to be the best will be successful...If it is...well...watch out! "Do what'chu gotta do, and then inside of you...I'll be reborn" - Tupac Amaru Shakur"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play Live.
Your musical influences
Tupac,Bone Thugs,Eazy-E,The Game,Eminem,Method Man,Red Man,Big L,Lyfe Jennings,ICP,Twiztid,ABK,Litefoot,Blaze,Boondox,Bizzy Bone,Lil Eazy,Mystary,Ja Rule,Mystary,Run DMC,Ice-T,Coolio,Busta Rhymes,KMK,Snoop Dogg,Ludacris,Notorious B.I.G,Tech N9ne,Linkin Park,Fort Minor,Mr. Sancho,Common,Cypress Hill,NWA,Dr. Dre,Chamillionaire,Dialated Peoples,Kanye West,Fat Joe,Black Eyed Peas,Twista,MC Lyte,Nelly,Lupe Fiasco,E-40,Jonny Lang,Outlawz,SPM,Lil Flip,Gravediggaz,Big Pun,Nas,Papoose,Korn,Native Siouxper Man,Paul Wall,Lil Troy,Wu Tang Clan,T.I.,Asheru,Immortal Technique,Blackalicious,Slick Rick,DMX,Lil Bandit,Ice Cube,NB Ridaz,Too Short,Comptons Most Wanted,Lil Rob,Trick Daddy,Fat Boys,Dub-C,Mack 10,Afroman just to name a few
What equipment do you use?
'tato masher,pen,note pad,my brain,ice cream scoop,some cherries,a clock,gun powder, and thats about it lol Naw I'm jokin', Behringer B-2 Pro Condenser Mic, Adobe Audition, A Pen, A Paper, Head Phones, we're golden!
Anything else?
Nothin' else, except, I'm here for life, never gon' desert people! Y'all didn't think I would actually do this huh? LMAO! F*** YOU!