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Robbins, IL  USA
February 21, 2007
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The MuddVille Gully Boyz is not Considered a Band We're a Movement Something similar to the Underground Railroad But Keeping it Gully with the way we Doing it We lead the run away Slaves from the Streets to the Truth and from the Truth to the understanding For every action there is a reaction, and for every cause, There's an effect. What Good Is Knowledge without The Wisdom To Understand? Gully Boyz Music is a blend of all Coast all styles, with the Industry feel but a Street (Gully) Foundation. Gully is the Lanuage of a Universal Music and Our Definition of Gully:........... IS REAL IN THE RAWEST FORM. As a Gully Boy, Our Law is to Hustle Real Hard and in this Music Business if you gone make it You gotta get out There and get it We Doing our Thang in the Chi But a True Hustler gone form his own Network of Artist and Break Bread, That's what We're about, and that's what Gully Boyz stands for Getting this money and making sure We all Eat I personally look at Music as a God given Talent for us African American Folks It's our Forty Acres and a Mule, well the closest we'll eva get to it. I beleive that every Artist that gets own once He's established it should be his Obligation to put someone else own not only will that bring up Families but whole Communities and eventually Nations will rise, I 2 have a Dream, A Kings legacy will Live for eva in the Hearts and Minds of Brothers and Sister of The Same Struggle. One Life One Love and One Struggle. Remember to always keep it Gully with what ever you do. stay focus and true to your selves and others most importanly Treat others the way you want to be treated and I can Garruntee you will experience Success in Life.
Band/artist history
160 joe orr rd Chicago Heights, Illinois US Cost: $30.00 Description: Performing Live Twista, Do or Die, Johnny P, Crucial Conflict,also performing Beadz,Block Boyz, &89 Music,Kon-Tac,& Black Colla,MuddVille Gully Boyz,Mac Milli& Push Pack. 12/22/2006 09:00 PM - THE GRIND TOUR 1131 east SIBLEY BLVD DOLTON, Illinois 60419 US Cost: $10.00 Description: DON'T MISS THE MUDDVILLE GULLY BOYZ PERFORMING LIVE @ GIOVANNI'S DECEMBER 22, 2006 DOORS OPEN AT 9p.m BE THERE OR BE A L 7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12/23/2006 09:00 PM - CHIRSTMAS PARTY 160 ORR rd CHICAGO HEIGHTS IL,, Illinois US Cost: $20.00 Description: HOSTED BY B Cole Put together by: KEN HATTON AND BLACK COLLAR ENT. Performing Live Twisa, Do or Die, Johnny P, Marise Mahon, The Muddville Gully Boyz, and More. Tickets on sale now $20.00 In advance $30.00 @ the Door New years eve we opened for Rick Ross and Free way tickets $50.00-$200.00
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, any where that pays Chicago, Atlanta,Over Seas feel me. We Love it Yes Getting Paid
Your musical influences
all musicians and artist from the past and present
What equipment do you use?
Protools, Mpc's,Acid,depending on what studio we're recording at
Anything else?
All you Wack cats stand Down you know who you are. This is the Muddville Gully Boyz Year lol nawl Seriously