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Random Hero (The good one)
Random Hero (The good one)
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Alternative punk, hip hop fusion. Just listen to it, rap, flow.
What do you get when take the vocalist from one of the best indie punk bands in the nation, and combine him with one of the best beatmakers in mid michigan? RANDOM HERO is a new blend of hip hop and punk rock. Up until recently RANDOM HERO has only been an idea spoken on the lips of very few, but now with the addition of My-Low a new age of Rap for the punk rock scene is born. BEFORE RANDOM HERO...singer and creator Adam Fliehman also started the band IEG. After gaining incredible exposure with IEG from 2005 to 2006 and releasing a full length album, the band grew immesley. Being awarded 'band of the month' by ThePunkSite.com, being featured in AP magazines TOP 10 UNSIGNED BANDS, selling records nationally and internationally, and being put on top 40 radio stations! Adam has shared the stage with other acts such as The Audition (Victory Records), Tech-9 (Strange Music Records), Whole Wheat Bread (fighting records), Forgive Durden (Fueled By Ramen Records), Houston Calls (Rushmore/Drive Thru Records), June (Victory Records), Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Immortal Records), Just Surrender (Broken English/East West Records), The Junior Varsity (victory records), Black Top Mourning (trex records) Tokyo Rose (SideCho Records), Portugal. The Man (Fearless Records), The Classic Crime (Tooth and Nail Records), Kiros (Warped Tour 2005), The Minor League (AP Mag. Nov. 2004 Unsigned Band of the Month), Small Towns Burn A Little Slower (Triple Crown Records), Top of the Fair (New School Records) and The Fags (Sire Records) BEFORE RANDOM HERO...Kevin (Mylow as an MC; KY as a producer) was recognized as an accomplished beatmaker at the ripe young age of 15. His beats have been purchased in three different countries and can be heard on many different albums in many different states. A broke janitor in South Carolina also steals his beats, which to Kevin says "I'm doin pretty well". From trip hop to remixes for the great sage francis, Kevin can do it all. Now he raps too.
Band/artist history
Formed a little while ago, we are now blowing up Michigan soon to be the US
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live, everywhere. and will be setting up a tour for summer of 07'
Your musical influences
Gym Class Heroes, P.O.S., Weerd Science, Korn, Tupac, ZebraHead, sage francis, mos def, pretty much music itself in all its crazy forms
What equipment do you use?
All sorts of ridiculous gadgets
Anything else?
BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR MYSPACE FOR MORE IN DEPTH DETAIL. EP soon to be released and for sale online as well as at shows! so be there.
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